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Who or what is Dental Fear Central?

Dental Fear Central is an independent, non-commercial resource which has been online since 2004. There are no sponsors, ads or paid services and the site is entirely self-funded. The individuals who own, manage and moderate this website and forum are volunteers. They are people who experience or have experienced dental phobia or dental fears themselves, dental professionals, and people who are interested in this topic.

Our mission is to empower and equip people to take control of their dental care, and to make fear a thing of the past.

It is absolutely not about trusting dentists in general but about finding a dentist you can trust.

We view people as equal and active partners in their care. Therefore, we do not discourage discussion of dental questions or advice. Of course, this is not meant to and cannot replace the advice of a qualified health professional in person.

Although Dental Fear Central is based in the United Kingdom, everyone is welcome and our forum moderators are from all over the world.