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Are you filled with a feeling of dread or terror at the thought of visiting a dentist?

Being afraid of ‘the dentist’ or dental treatment is a lot more common than many people realise, it’s just that most people don’t like to talk about it.

It may be that you have been avoiding dentists for a very long time, and that you’re so terrified of what a dentist might say or find that it has become impossible to even contemplate going. You may even wish you’d rather be dead.

Or maybe you have a fear of pain associated with needles or injections, or the drill. For some people, the fear is of choking or gagging or of feeling numb. Many people feel trapped and vulnerable in the dentist’s chair. It is not uncommon to experience a combination of many different fears which seem too overwhelming to tackle.

Dental phobia most commonly starts as a result of bad or painful experiences during one or more dental appointments. Sadly, many people have lost their smile because of their fear of dentists. At Dental Fear Central, we’d like to change that!

You’re not alone – dental phobia support is just a click away!

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Our Community

Our Dental Phobia Support Forum is the most active web-wide. Read success stories, get and give support, or if you have a dental question, ask our friendly dentists for advice!
We’re always in need of people who are able to answer questions, so if you are a dental professional or a dental student who would like to contribute, you are most welcome to join in. If you’d like to browse the forum from the comfort of your mobile phone, check out the DFC Mobile App for iPhone and the DFC Mobile App for Android!
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What people are saying about Dental Fear Central

“So much of it is about having the right dentist, one who will stop when you tell them to stop and who you trust 100%. I was told to remember I am paying for a service and if I am not happy say so. I should “interview” the dentists until I find someone I am comfortable with and who understood my fears.”

“The loss of control page is superb. Really comprehensive … even picked up a few tips to help me help my patients from it. Most of the stuff on that page I am already doing, but every now and again I pick up a little tip such as asking the patient what they would like me to do first… The section on abuse and dental phobia is going to be very useful for me as I am not familiar with the implications of this.”

“Just want to say a big thank you – I had a very bad fear of the dentist but because of the help your site gave me I now have a beautiful mouthful of teeth and it was all down to the information you supplied me.”