Dental Phobia Information and Support

Dental Fear Central offers help and support to anyone with an extreme fear of the dentist or specific dental fears. We also provide information for dental professionals who would like to better help their nervous or phobic patients.

What is dental phobia?

Does the thought of seeing a dentist fill you with a sense of dread or terror? You’re not alone! Find out why people develop a fear of the dentist, why dental phobia is different from other phobias, how common it is, and much more.

How to deal with a fear of the dentist

A step-by-step guide to tackling dental phobia, fear and anxiety. You may have avoided the dentist for decades, or perhaps you force yourself to go despite your fear. Either way, we’ve put together lots of helpful tips which our members have shared over the years!

Real Life Stories

There are many people who were, at one time, feeling as perhaps you do now. In this video, Finn shares their journey of overcoming dental phobia:

Common Dental Fears

People often think that a fear of the dentist is about being afraid of injections or the drill.

While you may well have these fears, there are often other issues, including:

Scared person hiding from the dentist
  • being humiliated or told off
  • not having control
  • fear of not getting numb
  • choking or gagging
  • fear of allergic reactions
  • fear of unnecessary treatment
  • not being able to cope with the news of what needs to be done

and many more. Visit the Common Fears pages for more information and possible solutions!

Interviews with (and Tips from) Dentists

When you’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past, you may be excused for thinking that all dentists are the same. This is not necessarily the case:

For Dentists and the Dental Team

Lots of free material related to dental anxiety management, including

  • tips from other dentists
  • information on trauma-informed care
  • patient questionnaires for adults and children
  • courses and CPD opportunities
  • opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals: