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Are you terrified of dentists, and find it impossible to contemplate going – even to the point of wishing you’d rather be dead? You are not alone! Or do you have specific fears or extreme anxiety whenever you go to the dentist? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Dental Fear Central also offers a wealth of information for dentists, dental students, and the entire dental team. This includes articles and tips from dentists with a special interest in dental phobia and dental anxiety management.

“The loss of control page is superb. Really comprehensive … even picked up a few tips to help me help my patients from it. Which bits did I find helpful and new? Well, it is always good reading direct quotes from other dentists. Most of the stuff on that page I am already doing, but every now and again I pick up a little tip such as asking the patient what they would like me to do first… The section on abuse and dental phobia is going to be very useful for me as I am not familiar with the implications of this.”

“So much of it is about having the right dentist, one who will stop when you tell them to stop and who you trust 100%. I was told to remember I am paying for a service and if I am not happy say so. I should “interview” the dentists until I find someone I am comfortable with and who understood my fears.”

Dental Fear Central’s main areas include:

  • Our Dental Phobia Support Forum – the most active web-wide. Get support from fellow (ex-)phobics or ask our friendly dentists!
  • The Common Fears section explains some of the most common dental phobias and fears and provides tips for dealing with each of them.
  • The What Can Help section contains
  • Our sister website, the Dental Anxiety Network (currently under construction), provides tips for clinicians and other professionals who are interested in dental phobia and helping people overcome their fears.
  • The Dental FAQ section explains how to care for your teeth, how common dental procedures work, and gives useful DIY dentistry tips.
  • The Links section provides links to useful dental phobia and dentistry resources elsewhere on the web.

“Just want to say a big thank you – I had a very bad fear of the dentist but because of the help your site gave me I now have a beautiful mouthful of teeth and it was all down to the information you supplied me.”

Who or what is Dental Fear Central?

Dental Fear Central is an independent, non-commercial resource. There are no sponsors, ads or paid services and the site is entirely self-funded. The individuals who own, manage and moderate this website and forum are volunteers. They are people who have experienced dental phobia or dental fears themselves, people who are interested in this topic, and dental professionals.

Our mission is to embolden and equip people to take control of their dental care, and to make fear a thing of the past.

It is absolutely not about trusting dentists in general but about finding a dentist you can trust.

We view people as equal and active partners in their care. Therefore, we do not discourage discussion of dental questions or advice. Of course, this is not meant to and cannot replace the advice of a qualified health professional in person.

Although Dental Fear Central is based in the United Kingdom, everyone is welcome and our forum moderators are from all over the world.