Personal Stories of Dental Phobia and Needing Dentures

For those just starting their journey

by cherri

If I can do it so can you. 

I know everyone says that, and you think “its easy for you to say, you’re obviously not as scared as me”. Seriously though if I can do it, you really can. My fear of the dentist is well documented here. 23 years of fear, pain from abscesses, toothache. Painkillers & antibiotics galore. Missing teeth that made me embarrassed to smile. Loss of confidence because of it.

3 months ago, I was referred to the local community dentist by my doctor, best thing I ever did. They specialise in nervous patients. From that first appointment at the doctors, asking him to refer me, to now it’s only taken approximately 3 months. I had sedation over 3 different visits. Then my last three appointments were for partial dentures which I now have. After a few teething problems with the dentures (pun intended) I can now smile and pat myself on the back, I DID IT. And honestly, I will never suffer the toothache again. I will be straight there. 

You have made the first step by being here. Now take the next, you deserve to be free from pain and fear and deserve to smile. I swear once you have, you will look back and wonder why you left it all so long.

Me? I can’t stop smiling. Sometimes I forget and go to cover my mouth to hide the gaps then realise there aren’t any now. That is such a wonderful feeling, trust me.

If I can do it so can you ?

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