Personal Stories of Overcoming a Fear of Dental Injections

These stories were shared on our forum by people who had a fear of dental injections.

The Wand STA device

The Magic Wand!

I have suffered from a lifetime of anxiety whenever visiting the dentist, as a throwback to my bad childhood experiences of the dreaded school dentistry programme (I live in England).

This put me off visiting a dentist for many years and this instigated a history of gum disease with eventual loss of many teeth.

I did visit my local dental surgery and they were very sympathetic over my general nervousness. My main problem has been a needle phobia and I have had some terrible times whenever summoning up the courage to have extractions by traditional syringe, which dates back to the mid 19th century!

This always caused pain on the final deep injection around the actual tooth tissue area. Thanks to the internet, I have been searching for various ideas and methods before coming across the Wand which offers painless anaesthesia by virtue of its revolutionary computerised method.

I then contacted several dentists and enquired about their own experiences with this amazing machine as well as trying to find out if any local dentists were using the Wand.

They put me in touch with a dentist that uses the Wand. I also decided to undergo the extraction of a loose molar that would have caused more problems in the very near future, so its loss was inevitable anyway.

The dentist and his assistants were superb and did their best to assuage my fears as he proceeded to take this tooth out. I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever as the Wand went about its numbing of the surrounding gum, with its gradual advance release of anaesthetic.

This has been a major hurdle that I have now crossed as I am no longer afraid of any future treatment that requires anaesthetic. I am in the process of arranging future appointments with the same practice who specialises in cosmetic work alongside his normal procedures.

I feel that this is one of the most important inventions in dentistry and every practice should have one, especially for children and nervous adults alike. It is computerised and allows a slow, steady drip of anaesthetic into the gum which has already been made numb by preceding pulses – amazing. The handpiece looks like a large pen and offers more control and mobility for the dentist. 

My fear of needles is now a thing of the past, and I hope that this gives inspiration to others who might do what I did. Use the internet and search for local dentists who use the Wand or ask any of them for the name of their suppliers who probably cover a wide area anyway. They will be more than willing to pass on details although they will not generally recommend any one practice.

I have spent years attending NHS (National Health Service) and they have been OK, but I guess that a private practice would have picked up my problems. These days, it makes sense to spend money on your teeth which are so important but easy to neglect. My problems go back decades when the damage was done by neglect, and fear of visiting old fashioned dentists.

I firmly believe that the Wand is one of the best inventions and the perfect solution for needle phobics. It can avoid the use of sedatives or IV etc. – it really is state of the art PAINLESS anaesthesia, and a great weight has been lifted off me.


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