After 11 years I faced my fear!


by Scaredycat30

Let me start by saying that I really hope my story can help those who have the same fears I once had. When I was 20 (31 now), I went to the dentist for an exam and cleaning. I knew I had a problem with my gums because they hurt, but when I sat in that chair while she did the cleaning, all I felt was pain. After she was done, she tells me that I have severe gum disease and that I would lose all my teeth by the time I’m 30. Needless to say, she was uncaring and very mean about the situation. In turn, I freaked out and never went back to the dentist out of fear. 

Throughout the years the plaque started to form in the back of my teeth to the point that at age 31, it was so much it covered the whole tooth. I had what I thought was receding gums and feared that if I got a cleaning, my teeth would become loose. I was scared that the gaps in between my teeth would be huge.

Then the worse thing happened: my FRONT tooth cracked. I had no choice but to go to the dentist, my mom referred me to hers, and he’s great! My front tooth is fixed, and I had the cleaning I was dreading for 11 years. Guys, my teeth are awesome looking! It’s amazing what the cleaning does, and yes I had gaps between them, but a week later and they are closed! My teeth are not loose, and my breath is so much fresher. 

Do not let the fear rule your life. I would examine my teeth EVERYDAY about 3 times a day and worry myself sick… all for nothing. Oh, and the “severe gum disease” I had at 20 was gingivitis. It’s very important to find a loving, caring dentist and hygienist. I was so embarrassed to show my teeth but when she said “ohhhh I’ve seen worse… you’re going to look so pretty when I’m done”, it helped a lot!

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