I never thought this day would come


by Majes777

I have been reading these forums for a few years and trying to bring myself closer and closer to a dental appointment. I last went to a dentist when I was 16 years old and am 33 now. So for 17 years, I did not go to a dental office. I was so certain I would lose all my teeth, if not have a ton of cavities and crowns. I finally found the courage to look at my molars with a mirror and saw lots of spots I thought were cavities on them… So today I went out of terror my teeth would fall out.

I do not want this to seem like everyone’s story, and I guess life just threw me a get out of jail free card. I did not have one cavity, gums were in great health and on top of that my recessed gums were from stress clenching, not gum disease. The weird brown spots? Stains. A weird looking tooth in the back? A sealant that had turned brown but it still functional. 

A lot of us on here can face our problems, but they appear to be mountains. I spent YEARS worrying myself to death about my teeth, and it was all for nowt. If I had just gone, I would have known that. I know people here have incredible challenges and problems – but the first step which is the hardest we all share. Maybe months of treatments for some of you, a couple of sessions, a cleaning… be brave and face it! 

I can finally go to bed in peace. I can resume life away from this bizarre dental fear I grew to know. I wish you all the best of luck! You have all helped me a ton! Thank you so much! ????

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