40 years of Phobia…. CURED!


by Ecstatic

I have spent 40 years being absolutely terrified of dentists; I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, or watch or read anything about the subject! It totally consumed me with fear as I am sure people on this forum will identify with.

Over a period of a year, I began to resent how much this ruled my life and how embarrassed I was about the scale on my teeth. I read this forum many times, plus anything else I could find and researched as much as I could to find a local dentist who specialised in Phobics. I read their site over and over again, trying to pluck up the courage to call.

After a couple of months, I took my life in my hands and called them! They were so friendly and kind on the phone and I made an appointment. As soon as I had made the call, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders… I had taken the first step in conquering the fear that was ruining my life. I had come to realise that NOTHING could be as scary as the fear in my head. I told my husband and best friend that I had made the appointment so they could help support me and ensure I didn’t chicken out on the day! 

I was of course pretty scared on the day of my first appointment, but they were absolutely fantastic with me – took everything very slowly and explained everything to me. I count myself lucky that even after all that time I needed very little treatment apart from several visits to the Hygienist, for which I always use earphones and listen to very loud music much to their amusement! 

I have been seeing them regularly now for the last year and can TRULY say that I do not have the slightest worry before my appointments now and it feels incredible! 

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