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Finally made first appointment

@ReginaPhalange well done .

I’m so scared of dental stuff .

Think I’ve got an infection but going too call 111 tomorrow as when I phone emergency dentist they don’t class what am telling them as an emergency.
Just reading through your thread I need to stop thinking I’ll die .
Just have some jaw in my pain
I have no one too talk too this site is great though for help .
Hope it goes OK for you too. You won't die, the thought is always worse than getting it sorted.

As you'll have seen from my thread I hadn't been to a dentist for many years, and I survived. If it wasn't for covid (or rather, if it wasn't for me not going back after covid), I would have been down to 6 monthly check ups by now. But I'm sure I'll get there soon. And you can too :)
That's great news! Did you find out who your new dentist is? Hopefully, there's some info and/or reviews about them online, so you're not in for a complete surprise! (and if it is a mystery dentist, I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised :))
No, complete mystery :dunno:
But their website does have a section about nervous patients so I'm really hoping that means they wouldn't take anyone on who would go against their values
I have a name now! So of course I googled, and it took me to the practice's website (I don't know how I didn't see that section before!)

It says he has an interest in helping patients with anxiety 😅

I have to fill in a form before I go and it asks if I have cold symptoms, which I do but think could be related to the tooth. I really hope they don't postpone the appointment because of it
Just realised that your appointment was for today - what happened in the end? Did you need to postpone because of the cold symptoms? If not, I hope everything went/goes really well today 🤗
@letsconnect it went fine thanks. I didn't have to postpone so I was glad of that!

I'm going back next week. The wisdom tooth is inflamed. I've to get a cleaning and X-rays, and a filling on a tooth on the other side (I can feel a hole but he said it's chipped, no decay).

I didn't actually think until afterwards (I never do at the time!) that I should have asked him if the sore throat etc was linked to the wisdom tooth. Maybe the x-rays will answer that, but it would be quite a coincidence for it to all happen at the same time and not be connected.

All in all I can't complain! It was nerve wracking to go back after so long but I got taken right away so I didn't have time to sit and panic. And the new dentist was nice so that's one less thing to worry about too 🥳
Oh, great to hear that the new dentist is nice :thumbsup!:!!

I'm not quite sure how a sore throat could be linked to the wisdom tooth, but I suppose there's no harm in asking the professionals? It sounds as if that's where the pain is coming from though if it's inflamed. Hopefully, he'll be able to sort it for you soon!

All the best for next week, sounds as if they've handled the fallout from Covid very well (as far as I can make out, a lot of places seem to be booking 4 to 6 weeks in advance these days, even fully private practices).
I'm not quite sure how a sore throat could be linked to the wisdom tooth, but I suppose there's no harm in asking the professionals?
Me neither! But the cough/sore throat/toothache all happened at the same time so I just thought it must be. Anyway, I'm not in pain anymore but I'm glad I was because it forced me to go back. I might have left it another 20 or 30 years otherwise!

Thanks, I'll probably have quite a few more appointments to come but I'm so grateful to not be terrified of them anymore!
Really glad to hear it went so well, wishing you all the best for next week 🤗
All done, for today at least.

Cleaning, x-rays and filling. I felt a tiny bit of pain/twinges during the cleaning but not too bad. The whole thing felt very very fast. I guess that's how it is these days with all the issues with the NHS. Hopefully that won't mean it wasn't as good a job as it should be! No point worrying about that though. He was very efficient and I was glad to have it done. I missed the old dentist but the new one is nice and helpful too. I was exhausted afterwards for some reason, I'm going to sleep well now😴

Still got a few things to be done, another appointment next week. I'm grateful for that after hearing on the news how difficult it is for so many to get NHS treatment without extremely long waits.

So that's that. I'll call today a success!

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