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Help needed please, severe dental phobia

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I hope I have half as much luck as you. I really don't know how this is going to go and I'm shaking all over. I just know that if I feel uncomfortable or judged I'm outta there. Where are you located ? I want your dentist!
I am in California, so he might be a bit of a commute for you. :) But one thing that you will learn on this forum is that there are plenty more like him out there! You are the customer, so if they judge you or make you uncomfortable, then you have the right to walk out and leave. You are in control! Definitely let them know about your fears, and what you feel like you can/can't handle. I suck at this, but if you don't tell them, they won't know! Good luck and let us know how it goes :)
Ok. Opinion please! So I went to the dentist. All my strength and courage to get out of my car and in the office. So its first time there for me. The girl at the desk asked me if she could help me. I proceed to give her my name as I could hardly even speak. I said I have a 2:00 apt. She looks at computer and can not find my name! She says oh I'm just the hygentist please go around to the girl next to her and she could help me. So this girl says I don't see you on our schedule! I wrote the day and time down and believe you me with this phobia I have I would NOT make a mistake. In fact they had NO record of me calling at all. So I made another apt for 2 weeks from now. More torture waiting to see what the heck I'm in store for here. I worked early mornings to make up enough flex time just for this apt. So when I didn't use my flex time because I much rather use tomorrow on a Friday, I went back to work and searched my phone to see that I didn't dream this call to the dentist. I looked at all numbers I placed on my phone them looked up the web page the dentist has and he lists two different numbers to call to make apts. and YES one of the numbers was called from my phone to his office! I was being to doubt myself for a minute there and thought that my stress level so bad that I never called. The hygentist said well what is your apt for. I said I want a consult! And I am a dental phobic! She was like, yes I can see that! I told her I want to talk and possible an X-ray. She said well he will want to do an exam. I kindly told her that I don't want any hooks fishing around in my mouth and that I am very nervous as it has been a really long time for me since I've been to the dentist. Well she kinda gave me that look! Now mind you this dentist does oral sedation and that is what I need. Shouldn't they be used to people like me or am I really that bad??? He is suppose to be one of the best dentist in my area and offers sedation. Not many do. I'm so tired from zero sleep and I'm frustrated.
I'm so sorry all of that happened! My dentist's office sends text message reminders which I hate b/c I don't want to be reminded that I have an appt, but I like them b/c it gives me peace of mind that I haven't messed up the appt date/time. As far as the reaction from the woman at the desk, I think that those staff don't always know what to do with really phobic patients. I'm lucky that the office manager at my dentist's office really gets it, but I don't think most do. I think it's best to just try to have that discussion with the dentist. If he doesn't want to honor your request, it's time to find a new dentist. You may just have to build the trust from allow any more than x-rays and a look without the tools... And, as long as your not in pain that needs to be addressed right away, that should be ok. Also, if this dentist isn't a good fit, you may find that, with the right dentist, sedation is not necessary. Hang in there!
Ok so I did it!!!!! I went to the dentist!!!! How the heck I got out of my car I have no idea!!! Well new dentist, never met him before. They take me on the back and tell me to get in the chair!!! Oh NO! So overwhelmed of the chair, I told the assistant that there was no way I could sit. Well the dentist came in and assured me he only wanted to look at my teeth. He said my teeth were not bad at all regardless of my decades of no dental care. Now on to the X-rays. I was expecting it to be much worse tha it actually turner out to be. Well this is the plan: first yeh for me, NO cavities. How I got that lucky, I have NO clue but yeh for me!!!!!! I do have some gum disease. I figured I did because they bleed and are sore. He say very minimal bone loss and I have to have a root scaling and planning which I am terrified as I don't know what to expect. We decided that with my high level of aniexty and dental phobia that I will have oral sedation. I rather because I don't think I could do it without some help. Has anyone had this procedure before? I am really scared. If you are reading this and have had this procedure done, could you PLEASE tell me how it went and what to expect. Thank-you all. Reading others experiences has really helped me through this thus far!