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Is this broken tooth safe to leave as is?

Glad you found a better dentist. It makes such a difference and will help you to keep future check up appointments. I had a dentist I didn't feel comfortable with and stopped going for 15 years. I plucked up the courage to find a new one. She is lovely and is currently helping me to put my mouth back to how it should be. Luckily I didn't need much doing to my teeth but my gums have suffered.
Here is a photo of the new crown taken a few minutes ago after I returned form the dentist. Its made of porcelain with a metal inner lining. Looks good to me and I'm guessing the white splashes of cement on my other teeth will eventually go.

New Crown 24-1-2018.jpg Crown 24-1-2018.jpg Crown 2.jpg
The dentist did have to grind away a fair bit of the crown to make it fit with my chrome denture and the pressure from the denture did cause the tooth to ache. At the moment I'm not wearing the denture for a few hours as I need to give the cement time to set. However the denture is now a very tight fit and I am concerned that not only will it push against the crown, it will also pull it off when I take it out for cleaning.

I'm very annoyed that my previous dentist did not tell me about the missing filling in UL6, dental negligence in my opinion. Its so obvious and can be seen clearly in the photos. My new dentist is aware and will discus treatment on my next appointment.
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