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Sore tongue



Junior member
Jun 7, 2010
south of england
Re: Sore tongue & BMS

Hi to anyone suffering from Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). Can any dental experts tell me why symptoms are often flared up (and often caused in the first place) by dental treatment. Is it fillings, injections, nerve damage, amalgam (or their removal) etc? I am having 2 bottom fillings (teeth, that is!) this afternoon and I'm dreading another flare as a result.
Thank you
ps I am not a 'Junior member', by the way, but they must think I am because I like Little Ms Scatterbrain!

Hi Seldon Billy & Control your Dog,
I suffer from a sore tongue & Burning mouth Syndrome.
It is not known what causes BMS, it can be stress related, definitely is with me, it can effect the whole of your mouth, lips, cheeks, gums and mostly tongue.
The best treatment I have found for it sounds crazy, but it does work.
Put 2 drops of Tabasco sauce onto a teaspoon full of water, swish it round your mouth for a few seconds, spit it out but dont rinse. It burns a bit, but settles down quickly. I do this 2/3 times a day when I am suffering.
Hope this helps


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Since nobody knows what causes BMS, then no, sorry. Possibly related to the stress of the appointment I'd guess.


Junior member
Jul 5, 2009
After all this time I finally managed to get an appointments at the dental hospital attached to the university. They are pretty sure that the disinfectant did not cause this problem as their is no sign of inflammation and everything looks normal (although im not convinced lol) They agreed to remove the wisdom tooth in a months time as its still infected and im hoping this will solve the problem.

Oh and I only just got round to trying the Tabasco solution today, lets hope that helps.


Junior member
Jun 16, 2011
I'm really concerned about my tongue. About 7 months ago I discovered an infection in my gum which turned out to be my wisdom tooth coming through it's just growing at a funny angle and is stuck. Anyways before I found this out from the dentist I went to wash my mouth out with what I thought was tcp, but it turned out to be dissinfectant for toilets (it was in a similar looking bottle) and it burned my mouth. I'm worried this has caused permenant damage to my tongue. The infection is still there because the dentist doesn't want to remove the wisdom tooth yet. I've been to see the dentist several times since the dissinfectant mistake but I've never mentioned it too him cause I'm embarrased about it.
I would recommend seeing an oral surgeon, since a regular dentist won't usually do a wisdom tooth extraction. Warm-salt water rinses will help to some extent but I'm not sure about battling an infection you have. I would ask the dentist to put you on an antibiotic, either Amoxicillin/Penicillin if you aren't allergic to Penicillium, or Clindamycin. These will help with the infectious gum.

I know what it's like because my lower right wisdom tooth infected my gums before it even erupted. The gum was so swollen I couldn't close my mouth. After one round of antibiotics, the swelling went down and the aching stopped.

And about the tongue pain, my tongue is still hurting on the left side from my extraction and I had it done 9 days ago. It's possibly due to the infection you have. I wouldn't be too worried, just get on some pain medications and antibiotics. Take some NSAIDs like Ibuprofen also.