Personal Stories of Anxiety Disorders and Dental Phobia

Good news if you suffer “Fear of Fear” panic

by cartertx

I suffered from “Fear of Fear” panic attacks. I originally was seeking support on the use of Xanax for anxiety and panic for an upcoming dental exam. But what I took away from this forum was much more. As a backdrop, the week before this I was scheduled for a root canal and crown but only made it as far as the numbing shot before I “bailed out” without getting the needed dental work because of a panic attack. The procedure was rescheduled for today, and the following is my post after a successful dental experience: 

SUCCESS!!!!!  For those of you with my type of Dental Phobia (Fear of Fear), I have very good news!! Today I had a crown procedure for a broken tooth and no problems!!! I followed the steps in the book “Panic Attack Workbook” by David Carbonell, PhD. Yes, I started to have a panic attack several times during the procedure, but I followed the steps, and each one was snuffed out well before it ever became a problem! I felt so empowered. 

If your type of anxiety and panic is like mine (Fear of Fear) then, yes you can take Xanax, Halcion or whatever but in a way that’s like taking an aspirin for a fever but it doesn’t cure the flu. For me, Carbonell’s book, I believe, will be my cure. I know that I still have a way to go and that there will be ups and downs, but for the first time in my life, I see the possibility to beat this! Today was an important victory on my road to recovery.

I came to this site for advice on oral sedation for my Dental Phobia but I have come away with so much more !!!!

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