Personal Stories of Overcoming a Fear of Dental Injections

Fear of Dental Injections SORTED

by PinkBubbles

I had a bad experience with another dentist. He made the needles last half a second and they really hurt. Turns out, he was only doing it for money. I changed dentists and he said that 2 fillings, I didn’t need. I was terrified when my dentist said I needed a filling because one had fallen out slightly.

I got there and started crying. This wasn’t my usual new dentist. It was a girl one called Michelle. She was a Dental Therapist, apparently! She could tell something was wrong so she talked me through it, and how that place is very easy to do. After a few minutes, I asked, “Do you promise it won’t hurt?” and she said yes. So usually I wouldn’t want to close my eyes (I’m too jumpy), but I did anyway. I’d had numbing gel and that was it, no special needle or any gas. Just a hand to hold and some cream. I could FEEL it, but it didn’t hurt. I was aware it was happening but it really didn’t hurt! At the end I told her it didn’t hurt, and she said, “That was because it’s the pressure that hurts you, because I went slow you didn’t feel it.”

The rest was a breeze!

I have officially conquered my fear of needles!

And here’s advice for needle phobics, if it hurts the first time, change dentists. Just cancel your appointments and LEAVE. My new dentist is REALLY gentle. Never ask for it quick, or the pressure makes it hurt. I used to be a severe needle phobic, but all is clear now! Dental Injections = SORTED!

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