Personal Stories of Younger People With a Fear of the Dentist

Finally, I can smile!! (and sleep easy)

by runninggirl

I was so scared of the dentist that I used to change channels when a toothpaste advert came on the TV! 

I had suffered from a terrible experience in the past when a dentist didn’t freeze my tooth properly. It really hurt and he wasn’t sympathetic at all. 

My friend and my cousin both go to Alexandra Dental Care in Swadlincote and were always telling me how amazing the dentists are there and how nice they are. I didn’t believe a word they said and thought they were just trying to make me go.

My friend suggested that I attend with her at her appointment to see for myself how good they are. After much stressing, I took her up on the offer. The night before you would have thought it was me who had the appointment. 

On the day of the appointment, I went with her and was truly blown away at the way the whole practice worked. It was modern and didn’t feel like the old fashion waiting room full of doom that I had a picture of in my head. The dentist was so nice to my friend, then she mentioned me! My heart stopped beating, and I was imagining how I was going to kill her later. To my surprise, he was very understanding. He talked about my fears and what I was most scared of. He gave me so much time and attention for saying that it wasn’t my appointment!

I gained so much trust in him even from that very short chat. He suggested that I strike while the iron is hot and book in there and then. I went out and told the receptionist my worries, she too was amazing!! She showed me letters that previous nervous patients had written to them, this made me feel less silly and not alone in my feelings of fear. I felt like the whole practice was on my side and rooting for me to have it done.

I attended the next day (literally striking while the iron was hot!) and just to sit in the chair made me sweat. The dentist made me feel in control of the whole experience. He told me that if I wanted him to stop or if I needed the things out of my mouth, I just had to put my hand up, and he would stop. I need two fillings, and I am booked in next month. He has told me what to expect and that he will use some gel to numb the area where he will put the injection. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not having sleepless nights over it.

I would thoroughly recommend this dentist and can’t thank them enough. They gave me time and reassurance and are so friendly. I would tell other nervous patients to see this practice because they treat you like an individual and don’t make you feel silly. He was understanding and sympathetic, what more could a nervous person ask for!!!!

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