Personal Stories of Younger People With a Fear of the Dentist

More than 12 years of worry out of the way

by alisonbel

I have always had an intense fear of the dentist and as a child NEVER sat in the chair and NEVER had any work done or x-rays etc. As soon as I could decide for myself – at the age of 13 I stopped going to the dentist and this is how it stayed until a few months ago. I am now nearly 25 and I just decided two months ago that I had put it off too long.

Then I found this website. It was so helpful and explained everything! I finally got my mum to book me an appointment! I had nightmares before the appointment about dental operations and not being able to breath in the chair. I tried Rescue remedy which was recommended on this forum and found it really calmed me down the days before. Believe me I was the worst phobic in the world.

Anyway the day came and I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure I would go through with it but I talked to the dentist and he explained everything and told me he would stop every so often during the exam to let me breath, swallow etc. That helped so much and for the first time ever I sat in the chair and had the exam. It was fine (not the best thing in the world but ok). All in all my teeth were fine. The dentist took an x-ray as well and said he would tell me in a few weeks if there was any probs. Apparently I have been taking good care of my teeth though! He also recommended a cleaning by the hygienist so as I was feeling brave I booked the appointment. I am sooooo glad I went. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought and have now had my teeth cleaned!! and it wasn’t that bad. It is a great sense of relief getting all this done. And the good news came in – no problems with my xray and just need to monitor my wisdom teeth. As long as I keep them clean I should be fine.

So my advice- DO IT! I was possibly the worst phobic and so if I can do it you can too. I promise. Hopefully if I do need to have anything done in the future I will be ok. I never thought I would be able to say that. Plus my teeth are clean now. I am so happy.

Thanks to everyone on here. You helped me so much.

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