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15 Years since last dental appointment

Hello, for me its 20 years. I have been very blessed not to have any problems bad enough to have to go. Well, I have a tooth hurting very much now it I chew on that side and I don't want it to turn into a dreaded root canal. (NOT having without sedation). I don't imagine cleanings or simple fillings would be a case for sedation (except in my case). Just sitting in the chair and the terror starts. I'm simply terrified at the thought of the whole process. I don't suppose there would be a miracle of someone living in south Florida who might read this and be able to recommend someone they love and would be able to accommodate my needs. I'll probably just end up ignoring it and then HAVE to go when it spreads to other teeth. Any help on my subject would be greatly appreciated.
Cassie (total dentist wimp)
Its not getting better but its not getting worse.

Well that's progress I suppose. If you do turn out to need a root canal, you might want to ask for a private referral to an endodontist. Fingers crossed you will begin to relax more.
Well its a week on from the Big filling that had a sleeve put on the root. And Ive spent the last 3 days trying to work out if I'm a wimp (Which I am) but more so than usual as the tooth pain or should I say the pain in my jaw / Sinus seems to be getting worse and paracetamol and Ibrobufin don't seem to be doing a thing.

Ive managed to get an appointment in 36 hours time to see the dentist, he did warn me at the time the tooth might flare up after the filling nut might settle down in a week. Well Ill just have to wait and see.