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Choosing a crown - can you guys help me with my dilemma?

Glad to hear it went well and that you are feeling less nervous each time round.

Sounds like your "coronation" with a genuine gold crown will go very well. Well done on your progress!
I got a porlecin crown and its in the back, Not sure how I would like a gold tooth on my front teeth, Would prefer to get porlecin crown on front tooth if needed
Thought you might like to know, I am now proudly sporting a shiny new gold crown ;D It looks fab!
:). Yay! Glad you got what you wanted. Hope the appointment to get the permanent was easy as pie!!!
Yeah, this bit was very fast and easy. Thanks Fearful.

So this is not my finest photographic hour (photographing your own teeth is hard!!) but:


Photo doesn't do it justice - it looks really good in real life, like a piece of jewellery, and is so shiny that you can see reflections in it - but you get the general idea! I wanted a 'statement tooth' and that's certainly what I've got ;D
So shiny! Have you come over all Gollum? Is it your precious? :p

I'm kind of jealous. Do you think my dentist would take offence if I painted one of the teeth on my plates chrome? I wanna be bling too :)
So shiny! Have you come over all Gollum? Is it your precious? :p

Hah, yes, totally!

It also seemingly has magical powers - after it was fitted I hatched a Bulbasaur and a Lapras on the way home. (This will only be meaningful to those of you who have succumbed to Pokemon Go...but take my word for it, that's cool)

Get a gold tooth and even your 2km eggs will hatch something cool :grin:

I'm kind of jealous. Do you think my dentist would take offence if I painted one of the teeth on my plates chrome? I wanna be bling too :)

Hah, go on, you know you want to ;D We could start a trend for tooth bling! Like a secret DFC badge.

My dentist was totally on board with it, him and the lab guy who made it were exchanging emails about what shape to make the top surface so it looked pretty (I know this because he showed me the emails)
Got so excited when I saw there were new posts in here!
And tadaa there is is!! Beautiful gold crown!!!

Gold is the way to go. I have four. I am a retired dental lab tech. If you don't mind the color of the gold it's the best restoration material . . . especially for molars. I made thousands of gold crowns, and when old amalgam fillings gave way, I wasn't going to use anything but Au. Ceramic, porcelain fused to metal crowns are great. I have a Lava crown on my canine and it's a spot-on match. However, I knew I often eat hard foods (e.g. nuts, granola, etc) and wanted a restoration that would last. First, gold being a noble metal does not react with the oral environment. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Second, gold isn't has hard as a porcelain restoration. It gives slightly like a real tooth, helping reduce the load on the periodontal membrane holding the tooth in its socket. Third, there's no chance of the porcelain cracking, shearing off, breaking, etc. Before the pandemic, I went in for my six-month checkup. My dentist was away, and I had done work for the dentist who was filling in that day. I reclined back in the chair, we chatted for a moment, opened my mouth, and as the dentist checked things out he said: "I see you know a thing or two about dentistry." I asked him to clarify, and he said "your gold crowns. That's what we dentists use as well." Granted, when I smile you can see my gold mandibular molars, but I really don't care. I'm not a GQ model, and value function over form. All I can say is that my gold crowns have stood up well these past 20 years. I made two of them myself! Gold is not high-tech, but I saw Roman gold crowns recently discovered in the ocean that looked like they had just been minted yesterday. Good choice of restoration!