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The International Society of Dental Anxiety Management (ISDAM) is a society for healthcare professionals and students who are dedicated to helping people who suffer from dental fears and phobias. Its aim is to bring together all psychological, clinical, technological and pharmacological techniques.

ISDAM also has a private Facebook group which you can join here:

DFC Professional Network

Are you passionate about helping people overcome their fears? We are currently looking for dentists who would be happy to provide advice and guidance to other dentists who want to delve deeper into this rewarding field. Ideally, you’ll have an interest in all aspects of dental anxiety management – clinical, psychological, pharmacological and technological.

The idea is that other dentists can drop you an email if they’re not too far away geographically, so they can find out about training opportunities, referral pathways, or how to embrace dental anxiety in your part of the world. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please get in touch!