Dental Forums

A collection of dentistry forums and free dental advice sites and helplines.

If you suffer with dental phobias or fears, consider using Dental Fear Central’s dental forum as your first port of call. Alternatively, you can ask your dentistry-related questions on the forums and free advice sites below.

Dental Forums

Dentalminds Dental Forum (Canada/world-wide) Highly recommended! Zzzdentist (the “zzz” refers to sleepiness rather than you-know-what) has a good sense of humour and you can count on honest and sensitive advice.

British Dental Health Foundation Forum (U.K.) A new forum (set up in 2011) where you can ask questions and discuss your experiences.

Dentaltwins Dental Bulletin Board (U.S.) A safe place to ask your questions. Mark Bornfeld, a dentist from Brooklyn NY, provides very good and sensitive advice.

Pearl Dental Clinic Cosmetic and General Dentistry Forums A forum where the dentists who run it seem to reply relatively frequently.

MedHelp (U.S.) Medhelp’s dental health forum is staffed by dentists who will try and answer patient questions.

Cosmetic dentistry forums (U.K.) U.K.-based forum forĀ  cosmetic dentistry.

About Cosmetic Dentistry Discussion (U.S.) Discuss cosmetic dentistry on this U.S.-based forum. Dentistry Forum (U.S.) Dentistry at includes a smallish forum.

Healthboards – Dental Problems A consumer site which discourages the input of dental professionals. As a result, the advice found here can be poor or downright misleading. Very strict posting policies. Can be good for peer support at times, but has its ups and downs. Mostly downs.

Dental Helplines

British Dental Health Foundation Dental Helpline (formerly “Word-of-Mouth”). Free e-mail and phone (local call rates apply) advice on subjects such as dental procedures and terms, oral hygiene, current UK legislation and regulations, NHS and private dental charges, complaints procedures, and referrals to other organisations.

Free Dental Advice

AllExperts Dentistry (U.S.) is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet. Ask experts on a variety of dentistry topics (in private). And afterwards, you can rate their answers! US-based.

Ask The Dentist (England and Wales) Free dental advice site for patients from England and Wales only.

Dentistry Forums for Dentists Only

GDP-UK With over 2000 members, this group is invaluable if you want to keep up with what’s going on in the world of UK dentistry.

Dentinal Tubules Forum Another UK-based discussion forum for dentists.

Internet Dental Forum Somewhat US-centric forum; access is restricted to professionals directly involved in patient care and dental students. No advertising allowed. You’ll have to pay to get in.

DentalTown Now called TownieCentral (no doubt in homage to another well-known dental-related website), DentalTown is a U.S.-centric forum, but all posters are welcome (although the atmosphere can be somewhat aggre$$ive at times). On the plus side, the forums are very busy, there are lots of topics to choose from, and it’s free.