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Cracked my main eating molar; haven't been to dentist since I was a kid.

I decided just to do it and went in today for the first set of fillings - three teeth worked on. What I'm finding through the cleanings I've done and these fillings is that the actual procedure doesn't cause me much stress at all. I've been able just to lay back and take it. It's the psychological stress related to my OCD plus the fear that something could either go wrong or be worse than anticipated that haunts me. I'm just going to need to try to deal psychologically with the fact that I have the resin/colored fillings. This dentist moves very fast and did not explain how things would go, just dove right in. That's fine, I guess. I was anticipating it to be a much slower procedure because I had read that's the case, but it went very fast. They drilled and filled. He said that one tooth had a cavity that was down close to the nerve, so he's glad they got to it. I don't know what that means for the teeth on the other side, where I have at least four fillings remaining.

However . . . it's currently about three hours since I received the novocaine injection, and the right side of my face, including part of my tongue, and even some of my ear, are still numb. Apparently that's a possibility, but it's unnerving. I had novocaine for the gum therapy I had, but that wore off in like a half hour. I'm unable to tell if my bite is good. Concerned.
@FrightenedJerk Hi there,
These are all familiar concerns to me. I just wanted to share that I too have recently had multiple fillings. All composite. In fact, I’m having all my old amalgam fillings replaced with composite.
Every time I have a filling (lower jaw at least) I need to have extra numbing, so I also experience 3-4 hours of numbness afterwards. My last session saw me rather embarrassingly fail to consume my lunch properly at work afterwards. ☺️☺️
I also find that my bite needs to be adjusted on my following visit. This has happened because I can’t properly feel it when I’m so numb. So my last two visits, for fillings and a crown have needed further bite adjustment. Not a big deal at all and no need for further numbing - just a polish that doesn’t hurt.
If you have any concerns or sensitivity in your bite, make sure you go back to get it checked, is my strong advice.
@night_natter Thanks for your feedback! Four hours later, and it still hasn't totally worn off. It's starting to, but when I try to clench down, my teeth still feel stiff and like they won't fit together. He said that he only put a filling in the biting surface of one tooth; the others were on the sides. So I'll find out I guess when it wears off if the bite is correct. I'm a teeth clencher; I clench when tense and probably during sleep. So if the bite is off, that's not good.

I would have preferred amalgam fillings for my stated, ridiculous OCD reasons, but I did not do proper research before choosing this dentist; they aren't offered.
Each time I have gone to the dentist over the last five months (three cleanings, one dentist consult/one oral surgeon consult, 3 of at least 7 fillings done), I've gotten a little "high" of having accomplished something, but before long that comes crashing down when I realize that I have even worse things to do that are hypothetically coming up. I had wanted next to get the second round of fillings (I'm concerned that one could turn into a root canal), then get the wisdom tooth out, then perhaps try to decide on what to do with the two cracked molars (3 and 19) that need removed in terms of doing them consecutively which would be my preference, whether to get bone grafts and whether to try for implants (though my concern is that I would not be able to get implants due to the structure of my sinus cavity).

Tooth 3 is the one that cracked in October and started all of this. What currently sucks is that it is cracking even more. Somehow during or after the filling process of the tooth behind it, some more of the tooth material seems to have cracked off. I suspect that my uneven bite while I had novocaine in caused some more to chip off. Then I was just eating tortilla chips today (those damned things; a different brand caused the crack in October), and even though I didn't feel it and I wasn't even eating on that side, even more has cracked off out of the middle of the tooth, leaving a very precarious shard on the cheek side. I haven't eaten on that side probably since November due to some pain I had when food got up inside the tooth. So unless it's something totally soft, I can't eat on it lest I crack off even more of the tooth. This moves up my timeline, meaning I'd hypothetically need to get that tooth out first. If I got both molars out at the same time, I'd not be able to eat, basically.
I guess this is virtually a journal at this point. Just thought I'd update it. I had the first set of fillings on the right side over two months ago. I still haven't scheduled the second set on the left side. On the right side, a small pink bump has developed on the gums right up against one of the molars that was filled. I'm kind of concerned about it, of course.

My whole deal is extreme procrastination. I had gone to an oral surgeon and got ideas for treatment, before the fillings. I was wanting to get the wisdom tooth out, then the right cracked molar (3), and deal with the whole potential for a bone graft and implant with that first before number 19 which is also cracked, as taking them both out at the same time would not allow me to eat anywhere near properly. However, number 3 has cracked even further. Currently its middle seems like it is basically cracked out, leaving kind of a C formation from the bottom. I haven't eaten on that side probably all year, but even when something like water touches that, I get a twinge of pain which goes away soon, but it's still a twinge. Obviously the nerve is totally exposed. So even though I wanted to wait, obviously that might not be possible.

I have a cleaning scheduled in a few weeks, and I'm concerned about it because I don't want to be yelled at for not getting the fillings or getting this molar removed. So I either need to do one or both, or reschedule the cleaning.