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Dentists love iv sedation too much

Works for me, have a couple posts in my journal/success stories from myself and Stress Doc, who is using hypnosis as a technique as my dental anxiety coach.
Here in Winston Salem, NC The orals surgeons will ONLY do work using IV sedation and will NOT tell you what drug they use. You can correctly guess that they use Versed. They also mix in Nubain and Phergan. My wife was NEVER told she would recieve a memory removing drug nor that she would most likely go out of it completely even though she wanted to be awake and aware. She managed to stay reasonably aware and it appears she did not lose memory of anything. Our big beef with this is she was never told about any of these drugs and heavily pressured into accepting IV sedation. We have learned that they do it to EVERYONE who goes there, no matter what your there for! Had we known, we would have NOT agreed to the use of Versed! They also try to make you take 2 Lorazepam pills before you arrive.
I mean, my God, how STONED does anyone need to be for a dental procedure? We are glad my wife refused the pills. The use of Versed without informed consent and the high pressure to accept the IV meds is alarming and wrong! The oral surgeon really doesn't see why we are ticked off. His excuse is that is what all oral surgeon offices use. He see's nothing ethically wrong but we do and told him so. Yes, my wife could have, and SHOULD have asked what drugs but we assumed they would use Valium. We are horrified to learn everyone is using Versed now. The drug is poison and should be outlawed. Some hospitals have banned its use and a few good doctors refuse to use it now. Too bad more do not have better ethical values.