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Follow up - with pics - advice on what I want to ask the dentist for

Ok so here I am back with all teeth present… bridge fitted today. Feels weird.

Dentist question (@Gordon 😁) the replacement tooth is to replace one which was always larger visually due to gum differences and obviously still is, when I tap the tooth at the top near the gum should I feel it on the ‘wing tooth’? Almost feels not tight enough?

I’m not 100% happy as there is a slight size and shape discrepancy, is it possible to have the prosthetic shaped slightly in situ? Perhaps just rounded a little to better match the other composite repaired central incisor?

And the composite repaired one now looks an odd colour at the bottom where it didn’t before?


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Early days yet, you'll get used to it.
Yes, if I understand your question, then you should feel the tapping in the other teeth.
Yes, that should be fairly straightforward to adjust in situ. Go back and ask them nicely. Bear in mind though, nobody else will notice it the way you do!

The composite has picked up a bit of staining it should polish back up.
@Gordon ok so when I bite something soft on the wing tooth or push it up with my tongue the false one also moves upwards… is that right?

I’ll ring about a reshape etc and see what they say.

The gum above the false one looks ‘dirty’ and dark… Will this go away?

Also it feels like there is a depression/rivet in the front of the tooth… don’t know how to explain it!


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1) Yes perfectly fine
2) The tissue is still healing and moulding itself round the false tooth, it'll take a while but will eventually look better
3) Pass on that one, sorry!
@Gordon I've emailed my list of concerns this morning as below and they've told me to make an appointment and:

We always ask if the patient is happy for any restorative work to be cemented in prior to doing so and you consented to it being cemented in. Non the less we can take the bridge off and send it to the lab for any alterations where possible - which we would aim to clarify and discuss with you on your next visit.

1) The false tooth on the bridge does not feel 'secure' or tight to the gum? When I push upwards with my tongue on the winged/support tooth the false tooth moves upwards towards the gum. Similarly, when I push up on the false tooth it moves upwards. I had assumed that whilst the tooth obviously isn't my own it would feel stable once affixed?

2) There is a very visible dark line on the gumline above the false tooth. Will this settle and become the same colour as the rest of my gums?

3) There is a noticeable depression / ridge in the front of the false tooth.... this looks shadowed and is very easily felt with a finger.

4) when I close my mouth completely the two teeth (the winged one and the false one) feel like they 'click' and move backward.

5) The false tooth itself sticks out from the gum quite significantly and looks odd.

6) The false tooth is slightly too long and is very square compared to the other central incisor... almost looks like it needs to be shaved a little to match?

7) The winged tooth was composite bonded to repair a fracture previous to the bridge, I was really happy with it and the appearance was spot on. Since the bridge has been installed it now looks very dark and discoloured.

Obviously I know I gave consent but I also feel that you don't and can't always feel or see these things until you have time to take stock, see things in the natural daylight, take photos etc - especially when you're already in an anxious panic in the chair. I'm not trying to be difficult; I just want to know if what I'm seeing, and feeling is just 'how it is' and is normal or whatever.

I'm a little upset by their response which makes me feel at fault, plus the exorbitant price I've paid for the work.

Feel like crying TBH.
Sounds like a stock response from a non-dentist, just wait till you see them. None of your issues require the bridge to be removed and most of them just need some explanation face to face.