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Had been soo brave now appointment looming...

Hey there Miss Sparkle, how did it go? Been thinking of you this morning, and I hope you're feeling better now.......
Thanks again guys.

I have 6 hours to go.......................

I am working this morning (well not really). I got no sleep last night but maybe that is a good thing as will be able to sleep afterwards.

I am really hoping that I can get in the chair this afternoon as you guys have all done it and I am very confident from what you have all said that once the iv is in it is basically job done. It is just getting to the chair and horrible gagging x-rays first.

I am petrified of the aftercare and horrible throbbing and gummy bits too but as Swansong said there is no point stressing about the after until I have done the before and hopefully the relief of completing the treatment will get me through that.

Anyways, I feel I would be letting you brave folk down if I do not go!! So the pressure is on and I really hope tomorrow I can post on here with some good news.

Tears are welling up again now


The waiting bit is the very, very worst part of the whole thing. Once you get in the Chair, before they even do anything, you will have crossed the last emotional hurdle. From then on, its the easy downhill ride. It will be all over before you even realise what's happening.

You are doing really, really well so far. Please hang in there. I really want you to trust me and say you will go through with it. I know its trumantic, frightening and the stuff of nightmares - Believe me I know!! But if a hopless phobic like me can go for it and get myself in the Chair, you CAN do it as well. You just have to dig a little within yourself to go that extra little bit.

You will feel nothing, you will remember nothing, you will see nothing and afterwards, you will care about nothing. There is no pain, feelings or sensations.

You WILL feel so much better when its over. You WILL wonder why you spent all your effort in worrying about it.

We are all behind you and you can do this!! Hang in there. THIS is the hard part, not the surgery.

Had been so brave now appointment......over!!!

Hey guys,

Update as promised...

So yesterday I was nervous and tearful all morning. My mum took me for a nice lunch (which I couldn't face much of but still I tried), went home, brushed teeth, got in car and made my way to surgery. I wasn't too bad and then he called me in.

He said how are you and I started crying and said I haven't slept all week and he just said "why would you not sleep, this is going to be fine, no problems at all".

Anyway, he told me to get in the chair and have the injections then he'd do further x-rays and talk to me and my mum (you have to have people accompanying you for iv). I was petrified of the injections and went all wobbly and started to tell him how much they hurt e.t.c. he simply said "but you have never had an injection from me!! I won't hurt you, just breathe in and out when I tell you". He was soo quick to get me in the chair and had a no messing attitute but not in a bad way in a really good I am going to make you do this and am helping you way. I had the injections and did not feel much at all!!! I was shocked as before it was soo painful. He said he uses a more expensive type of needle.

THEN I had the panic attack and he was trying to do the x-rays and I was shaking and reaching and gagging. My mouth started going numb and I was crying e.t.c. I kept apologising and he said "you have nothing to be sorry about but if you don't do it I will bop you on the nose, the worst is nearly over" He was only joking of course!! I then could not stand up and was violently shaking and wanted to back out!! My mum came in and he was explaining the aftercare to her and I said that the aftercare is irrelevant because I'm not doing it!! He held me up and was comforting to me and the nurse got me an ibuprofen and a sugary drink so I would not have to worry about that later. I took it and he said the time is 3.55pm. You will be out of here and in your parents car by 4.10pm. That was the right thing to say!!

Anyway, got in the chair and was shaking and in a real state. The nurse was trying to help me breathe and calm down. He then said "You haven't bought very good veins with you today, I am trying not to bruise you but I have had several attempts at getting the iv in". I told him I was not bothered about that, injections anywhere but my mouth are no problem!!.

Then, IV was in, I made him promise he would not start until I told him it was okay!! The light above me went all weirdy and in and out and in and out. Then the next thing, I kind of came round for a bit as he was taking the last tooth out but he had the radio on and "Build me up buttercup" was playing and I started laughing of all things!!!!! I then panicked a bit as it came out, I then don't remember again until my dentist himself was putting me into my parents car and tilting the seat back for me!!

I got home, wasn't numb for very long, removed the pads which I don't remember him putting in, had some spaghetti hoops as instructed and took the painkillers. I felt relief and was not very woosey at all. I think I was so het up and stressed that it did not space me out that much which was good actually.

I woke up in the night with a stiff achey jaw but took some painkillers and back to bed.

My dentist telephoned me this morning as he promised and checked I was okay. I couldn't be more grateful to him and he said he was worried as he had to be a bit forceful and quick with me but I said if he had done anything different I would never have gone through with it!! I told him about the jaw ache and he said I had very twisted roots but everything went fine and I was really good. Ha Ha Ha!!

I am in slight pain as each set of painkillers wear off but it is only the wisdom tooth really that is causing this. I can honestly say where my bottom tooth was removed I have felt no pain at all!! I would never know it was out!!

I am so grateful to everyone on this fantastic site and couldn't have done it without you and now that I have found a great, caring kind dentist who judged exactly how to deal with me and who I have every confidence in. You can't regret anything in life but I do wish I'd met him sooner!!

I hope this helps some of you out there as I have been helped by all the support on this site. I still have a filling to go and a scale and polish but I am confident I can do that and that my dentist will not hurt me and will manage to talk me into the chair (or move so quick I don't know it's happening!!!).

Thanks again, and I will continue to update and comment on the site.

Yay yay yay yay yay 14 years of stress is slowly coming to an end. Just the aftercare and scrambled egg, jelly and ice-cream for a week now!! (not together though)


Didn't say you will feel great once its over? :jump::jump:

You have done fantastically, brilliantly, well and I'm glad its all over and done with. As I said, getting to the Chair is the hard part, once the IV is in..well..
its all over before its finished with. IV is wonderful stuff.

Congratulations and well done. You should be very pleased and proud of yourself having seen it through to the end. Just take it easy and give it all chance to heal.

hope i will be like you when my appointment comes.
Well DONE Miss Sparkle!
I bet you feel fantastic right now!
It sounds like you've found an absolutely wonderful dentist who really genuinely cares! Congratulations!

Miss Sparkle,
Congrats on making it through the appointment. You are certainly a source of inspiration to everyone! Good work!
Thanks guys :XXLhug:

You are right I am soo lucky I found my new wonderful dentist who I trust 100%.

Faint, you will be as brave as me because you know how good it will feel once you get it over and done with. That is why this site is sooo great because we can all share our experiences and as you will have read and as I can now confirm it is the best feeling ever to have the weight lifted from your shoulders and also when you realise it is not that bad at all!!! It is that horrible fear blowing everything waaay out of proportion.

Once you have done it you and everyone around you will be soo proud and happy for you. All day I have had texts, emails and calls from people who are soo happy I have done it now as they hated seeing me so stressed and in such a state but unfortunately it is something you need to face yourself and you will and you will feel brilliant!! Imagine not waking up in a cold sweat worrying about it and imagine socialising with friends and not having to bring up the subject of your teeth for reassurance.

Now I have conquered this, I will not be missing a single check up as I never want to get into the situation I was in before.

Way to go - you rock!
Congratulations MissSparkle :jump::party:
I am very pleased for you. Was there any particular reason why you were numbed up before the i/v was put in?
Just to reassure others, as far as I am aware, normally the i/v would be done and then you would be numbed up after you have been sedated but I can see that doing it the way you did it, has helped you overcome your fear of dental injections and enabled you to feel fully numb before having the i/v which are both positives.
It does sound like he judged what you needed well, to feel able to go through with it, so be sure to stay put..no doubt you'll have a good laugh about it all at your next apppointment which is bound to be easier on both of you ;)
Hey Brit,

He didn't say why he did the injections before but when I had spoken to him about all my problems I did tell him that when I had those teeth out all that time ago, I was not numb and after that I didn't go back for 14 years and he did say I need a few painfree appointments with him to help me realise that will never happen again.

I started panicking as soon as he said to have the injections first!! But he said we need to do them first. I had assumed they would come after the IV. :confused:

I will ask him when I have my check on Friday then I can let you know.

Although it wasn't what I had expected and sent me into a panic attack, he proved his point that it does not hurt which in turn has helped me soo much as I still have a filling to go and if he says I need an injection it will not bother me as much as it would have. Although I can't promise I won't take some diazepam!!

I shall let you know after Friday.

Thanks again. :)
I think that was probably why then....because you had not been numb before and been unable to defend yourself, he wanted to show you, you were numb, before putting you under, because once you are under, you have to rely on them to act on how you respond...many people would choose to be sedated for wisdom tooth extraction even if they would be perfectly happy to have a filling unsedated.

No need to ask why unless you really want to...he did what he thought was best and it seems to have worked for you. Too many dentists leave people in a cycle of reliance on i/v sedation and it makes it harder for them to get regular maintenance care afterwards.
No reason why you can't take the diazepam lol but you probably don't need it.
well done Miss Sparkle! what an inspiration!