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I never thought this day would come

That's so amazing that you did it! I'm sorry to hear about the hiccups, but aren't you so relieved that it's behind you now? Was the procedure itself less scary than you built it up to be in your mind? It definitely was for me!
Yeah I’m definitely glad it’s over with. As for the procedure they wasted no time getting me set up and put under so it was very fast. I didn’t really have time to be scared which was a relief. The oral surgeon said my extractions were pretty routine so they took about 20 minutes and only one area needed to be sutured that was a positive. I definitely built it up a lot bigger in my mind than it needed to be. That being said I’m still glad it’s something you only have to do once in life haha.
@ChockFullONuts at to change appointment due to covid lol its this coming Wednesday now.
@kayduck Good luck, let us know how it goes!