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Looking the dentist in the eyes...

It sounds like you need to get yourself a new, younger dentist! :p One who will make you go :drool::-* ... you'll soon forget about any anxiety ;).
LOL, I'd be the one to get more anxious with a cute dentist. ;D
My dentist has beautiful dark brown eyes...the type my mother used to call "come to bed eyes"...I daren't look too often in case he does mind-reading as well as dentistry.


Vicki - shall I mention Michelle34?
Who is Michelle34? You have me intrigued now! I do like dark brown eyes. Before you ask, my husband has blue eyes...but you can't have everything!
I think she appears on the 'I hate the dentist' thread...obviously she loved her dentist ..in the same way Vicki does now but at the time Vicki really couldn't 'get that such a thing could be possible'.
I could however....although back then I hadn't actually met my current dentist :-* (it's a platonic gratitude thing honest in my case).

I must have a read of that thread! My dentist dresses up as Santa at Christmas and tours the district on a motorised sleigh to raise money for charity, so he is quite difficult to hate...you'd look really nasty chucking rotten tomatoes at Santa's sleigh...