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Terrified first Dentist appointment in 30 years

Rockys3UK, thank you for sharing your story, sounds a lot like mine. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. I wish you the best and please keep in contact. It is such a great feeling that I'm not alone in this, thank you so much.
GOOD LUCK for today Jimmy!
Thinking of you and sending positive vibes :)
Jimmy, how did it go? Waiting to hear your update when you feel ready. Hope all is well for you :)
Hi Jimmy
Just dropping by to see how you are.
Hi everyone!

I'm so appreciative of your concern. The actual procedure was a lot less physically traumatic as I expected it would be, very little pain and the shots didn't freak me out. The only thing that hurt was the suction because the dentist was training his assistant and the assistant was a little over zealous lol. The recovery was a little rough, my stitches dissolved in less than a week so that was good. Emotionally it's been a roller coaster. Part way relief and part way grief and embarrassment. I'm trying to make peace with this and look on the bright side. I did not realize I was in so much pain until my teeth were extracted and they healed. I go for my next round of extractions on Wednesday. I'm actually looking kind of forward to it just to get it over with and not be in pain anymore (physically and emotionally). Again thank you so much to everyone on this forum. This has been a shameful secret for many years and I'm so thankful that people have reached out and made me realize there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of.:)
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Good luck for tomorrow Jimmy!

What stage are you at? Have you had just uppers done and the next round is the lowers?

Well done on all you are going through, you will get to a much better place soon. I can so relate to the feelings of relief, grief and embarrassment. They will dissolve eventually hopefully just like the stitches!
Well done - so hard, but as you say, the flip side is relief and change. The change will be good in the long run. Just thought to share a wonderful quote that came to mind because you have done an amazing thing for your wellbeing. Shame cannot survive empathy either and this forum can definately provide that. Go well with the next steps,

[h=1]“Shame cannot survive being spoken. It cannot tolerate having words wrapped around it. What it craves is secrecy, silence, and judgment. If you stay quiet, you stay in a lot of self-judgment.”[/h]
Hi Everyone,

Got the second round of extractions done and they went smooth as silk haha. It is a little weird though looking in the mirror. It is a vanity thing but I have got so used to hiding my teeth anyway lol. I have to wait til my gums heal about a week or so and have get an impression done. The dentist was so nice, we got off to a rocky start my first appointment. But he ended up giving me a hug after my last one and said I was a model patient! I could not have had the strength if it were not for the support and stories of people on this forum. Thank you so much! I'll keep you updated. Hope everyone is well!
Well done - a model patient, thats fantastic :) Wishing you well with the healing time and the next step to a whole new smile. Wow! :jump:
Thanks so much Sally. The quote that you shared has been my mantra. No more shame.
Well done Jimmy! I can't wait for this to be all done for you and it won't be long now.

You have so many people supporting you and that is what got me through this :)

I will be watching this space for your updates, good luck on everything :)

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