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What caused your fear or phobia?

What caused your dental phobia or fear?

  • A single traumatic experience at the dentist

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • A number of traumatic experiences at the dentist

    Votes: 17 53.1%
  • Dentists can't get me numb

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • Comments made by a dentist or hygienist (humiliation)

    Votes: 15 46.9%
  • Feeling powerless in dental situations

    Votes: 17 53.1%
  • Parents or caregivers being scared of the dentist

    Votes: 6 18.8%
  • Hearing horror stories from other people

    Votes: 7 21.9%
  • Movies or media portrayal of dental treatment

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • Other traumatic experiences, including abuse

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • Generally high levels of anxiety

    Votes: 14 43.8%
  • Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • Parents or caregivers instilling feelings of guilt about dental health

    Votes: 7 21.9%
  • Other (you can leave a post in this thread)

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • No real reason/don't know

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Junior member
Jun 4, 2019
My trauma began, I must have been almost 10. It was a routine check up done by our school. The dentist pulled my emerging tooth out of the blue without any anesthetic, cut it and just pull it out, sewed it and sent me back to class along with the rest of the pupils from my class