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abuse survivor with major depression - can i handle an extraction?

Well, the day for the extraction is finally upon me, this time tomorrow, fear part one will be over, then part 2 -recovery fear begins.

Thanks for the forum, in the weeks leading up to this i have worked thru a lot of stuff :- the 'letting someone do this to me' concerns, 'the bereavement for the tooth' sadness, the fear of the aftermath, and I've made it to the point where I 'fully prepared for this to happen now'.

It's really odd, but last week, with me eating on the one side to avoid the poorly tooth, i then heard a massive cracking noise when i ate something soft on the good side...to start with i was upset, but then it became this sort of weird a tipping point toward acceptance, it was like, 'ok, so you may as accept that this extraction scenario is one you will probably have to face again' and somehow, this whole event sort of released a lot of my anxieties over losing this first tooth to extraction. I'm not saying I'm not scared anymore, because I am, and there is still some sadness about losing my old molar friend, but I can now accept that this is probably going to happen again...albeit a bit quicker than i had hoped :) !

Regarding my concerns about 'letting someone do this to me', last week I had an email chat with the chap doing the work tomorrow (not my regular dentist, but an oral surgeon) i told him my situation, and also about the depression due to the bereavements, and then asked him a big list of questions about the treatment. This whole process set me much more at ease, and although it's hard going to someone new, it has made things a lot easier mentally. I guess this list of questions is me taking some control for myself, and hence it definitely made me feel better about things.

Well folks, tomorrow at 4pm UK is when it all happens for me - a big thanks for everyone who got me this far, and I will post up something as soon as the IV drugs wear off, I don't think anyone wants to hear Soupy's IV induced ramblings, my conscious ones are boring enough :) lol
This is an amazing update, soupy and the peace in it is palpable. So glad to hear that you had an email chat with your surgeon. Being able to talk beforehand and not having to do int personally makes things so much easier, as communication as such can be very challenging. It sounds like you have a good dental support for your procedure tomorrow, that's great to hear.

Give yourself a pat on the back already, you have come far and are facing the challenge with determination and peace, despite the fear.

Good wishes for tomorrow, may it be an encouraging experience, look forward to read how you got on.

Wow.. I agree with Enarete.. Your peace with this is about palpable. great wording Enarete.. and absolutely brave to step up and have this conversation ahead of time, and get your answers and peace . I always feel better knowing more and getting answers too! and the fact that you said you are anxious and scared and realize it yet have peace going in is very inspirational!!

Wishing you the best appt possible.. that it would be done with skill and compassion and quick healing for you!!

You are amazing!
Sending good thoughts for tomorrow!!
Thinking of you today Soupy!
Many thanks for your messages everyone, which i was majorly appreciative of. I had hoped to reply yesterday, but I was out of it for quite a while, and talking rather a lot of gobble-de-gook and i didnt think that would benefit anyone :)

Yesterday went well :) We left the house in good time, and my partner drove us down, we were thinking of getting a ride, but I think my partner sensed it would boost my sense of control if we went under our own steam - it was a new surgery, new dentist, new procedure, and he felt that the self drive would give me an extra boost, which turned out to be correct.
We arrived a little too early, which gave me the chance to familiarise myself with the surgery. The majorly brilliant thing was that the receptionist was super nice, so kind and friendly, so this was a good start. Once i filled in a form, we went back outside again and took it easy in the car for a while, listening to some relaxing music. I managed to do pretty well mentally, tho i did have a blip just before going back in when i thought about my second mum who i recently lost. After some deep breaths, and self talk, I calmed myself, and we headed back to the surgery. Of course there were moments when i wanted to turn back, but I knew this had to be done, and that Dip (pet name for the second mum i lost recently) and the forum here were behind me on this.

Once back inside the surgery, my 'regular' specialist work sedationist arrived (i have general work done by a dentist who does iv himself, and any specialist dental is work done 'out of house', and I provide my own sedationist). The sedationist is a lovely lady, who said all the right things yesterday, made me at ease, and made me laugh too - i know am so lucky to have this lady, and feel very blessed. Anyway, the time came for the off, and we went in to the room, it had a nice vibe in there, which really helped a lot, and the oral surgeon was a real lovely man, as was his nurse...with all these nice folks around, i don't know, it just felt like everything was aligned for me in a weird way. After 'one last visit to the loo', my default dentist control mechanism, I came back, kicked off my shoes, and sat in the chair, ready to go ahead. The surgeon understood my past, and more recent struggles, said some lovely things, and made a few nice little jokes, and before i knew it, I was away, under the influence of the IV.
When I awoke fully, I remember talking to the receptionist about local vegan eateries :),to me, nothing had happened in between my last chat with her, and this one. One major happiness yesterday, was that when i came round, i also found out i hadn't needed stitches in the end! So that was a nice surprise.

I don't recall much of the drive home, if any. Once in the house i took a couple of ibuprofen, not that i felt i needed it, but i thought that for me, it was a good route for panic control. Last night, I continued to take the pain killers on a scheduled basis, and this method worked well for me.
Today i let the pain killers wear off, and it just feels like a mild headache in my jaw, just a classic mild annoying headache. I decided to keep off the painkillers for the rest of today, and will probably just take a couple before bed, for peace of mind so really.

Tonight was the first salt sleuce...now this i was very scared of, so to begin i did one third saline mix, with two thirds plain water, this was my test barometer...but just as Gordon said on the 'ask a dentist page' - it didnt hurt at all. I swiflty advanced myself on to a 50-50 mix, then straight on the full on 100 percent proof lol. Hurrah! another barrier jumped!

Well, I managed, with the help of this forum to conquer a lot of massive hurdles these last few weeks, and I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone. I raise a glass to you all! ..well, it will have to be water for now i suppose :)

Fingers crossed for the healing here on in :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: and wishing good healing to anyone else recovering from an extraction.

with much love
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:jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump: So great to hear!! Thanks for the update!! :) Sounds like you had an amazing care team and great support from your partner too!! althogether awesome. Hope your healing continues just as smooth!!
:jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump: So great to hear!! Thanks for the update!! :) Sounds like you had an amazing care team and great support from your partner too!! althogether awesome. Hope your healing continues just as smooth!!

Thanks so much krlovesherkids777 :) You've been so kind and supportive!
I know there still some distance to go, so I'm keeping the lavender oil on the go and following all the healing instructions to the letter! I long for the day there is nothing to worry about with this tooth :) a good stress free sleep would be nice lol :)
Hi Guys :)

Just a check-in to say the healing is continuing ok, it will be a week tomorrow that the work was done.
I am keeping up the saline rinses of course :) and I have chosen to intake protein shakes, smoothies and smooth food - baby style :) since the work, just because I have an iffy tooth on the opposite side to the work and don't want to put excess pressure on it at this time.

Mentally, i am doing pretty good, tired still from all the stress leading up to the work :) but apart from that I am doing ok. I got upset the days immediately extraction, was really missing my 'second mum' that passed recently, and it was tough looking at pictures of her at that time, but yesterday i was able to look at the pictures again, so that's a good sign i think. I've kept up the use of all the aromatherapy oils, and this has really helped with a lot of the mental side and sleeping.

I am coping much better than i thought I would with the actual loss of the tooth, yes I am sad it's gone, but I can see a road ahead, and although it's scarey, i think i will definitely go for the implant given the sizeable gap right where i really need a tooth for eating better. It's also clear that if i don't have one, i will be adding more pressure to the teeth the other side and I think I would find that a worry.

A few days after the extraction, I started up my allicin max (concentrated garlic extract) tablets again (the surgeon okayed it) to help me hopefully stave off any infection. I've not taken antibiotics, and the surgeon doesn't expect me too, just thought I'd mention that as I know that taking anti biotics is concern for a lot of folks out there was well as me.

Fingers crossed healing continues well, and as ever, sending out the same thoughts to anyone else in healing mode.

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