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Dentistry in the time of Coronavirus - UK

It was "interesting". Funny story; me and my friend Anne used to take it in turns to do this clinic, week about. Anne is a very svelte size 12 and I'm, with all due modesty, not even close.

The routine was to wear your normal work attire, then over that went a pair of rubber backed scrub trousers, a rubber backed long sleeved scrub top, a plastic apron, a theatre gown. The trousers were tucked into plastic over shoe things, then a face mask, a visor, a head covering thing and 2 pairs of rubber gloves, with the sleeves tucked into the inner glove.

One week Anne wasn't well so I did her clinic. Unfortunately they had ordered protective gear in Anne's size... the trousers were so tight that I couldn't bend down to put my overshoes one, my nurse, Lesley had to do it for me :) The surgery was also pretty warm at the best of times, so with all this gear on it was like working in a sauna.
About halfway through I thought, "wow, I can feel the sweat trickling down my chest now". When I came to disrobe, I discovered that my fountain pen had been leaking in my shirt pocket and I now had a nice black patch on my shirt and half my chest :)
:ROFLMAO::geek::geek::grin::frantic: Its a funny story hindsight.. sitting here laughing.. but surely wasn't nearly as funny at the time with all that heavy gear.. oh the memories.. Thanks for sharing them Gordon .. I can't imagine all you all went through with all that on you... and having to do intricate dental work pain free and on anxious patients too :p
It was pretty funny at the time to be honest.

I sent my pen away to Parker pens with a note about what had happened and they very kindly sent back a new one and a pack of inks.

I'm surprised nobody has picked me up about the clean nurse and dirty nurse bit yet...
:innocent: Not all of us have filthy minds...

That was very good of Parker pens, little were they to know that their generosity would be repaid with a leaky pen review on DFC decades later :). Anyway, thanks for the warning (I think there's a reason why nearly everyone has given up on fountain pens)!