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Oops, I answered the question but it must have got lost in the move :)

Let's is right on the money as usual.
NLP is very effective, one of my nurses on my sedation team developed a big phobia for dummies, sounds funny but it meant she wasn't able to do the required resuscitation training and was in danger of losing her job! 6 NLP sessions sorted it completely for her.

Dental abscesses rarely cause dramatic infections in westerners, the bacteria are pretty fragile in the big scheme of things and our immune systems can usually cope with them quite well.
A lot of non-quacky psychologists use aspects of NLP and EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) with very good results, especially when it comes to phobias. It's not a panacea, but can be useful for situations such as yours where a quick solution is desirable.

As EMDR is mentioned.. this technique is very interesting. I had just one session, not for dental phobia, but an another issue and expected it not to work, but it did work, quite miraculously. My issue was just gone, as if it never had been there.. So it might be worthy of giving it a try as it is quite a quick technique (my therapist said she needs maximum 3 sessions to get rid of any issues).
I mentioned to my GP about NLP but the NHS don't offer it and you can only get EMDR with PTSD (post traumatic stress) as I don't travel too well either so getting to these places is a challenge but going for general counselling in February so hoping to find a solution that way.