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Do the IV Sedation for the love of all things!

@dchodge23 so I found a place in my city that specializes in extractions. It’s the only thing they do. And as a service to keep costs low they don’t accept insurance so the iv sedation cost $600 and they charge $120 per tooth.

So I laid $720 total and was reimbursed by my FSA.

I am glad I found it as other places were wanting to charge a lot more even after insurance. I would end up paying like $1200 out of pocket after insurance to use the sedation.

No that I think about it though that was for a root canal which included a crown. So I’m not entirely sure!
It would be worth every penny to me! I think I could get through something like that. I appreciate you taking time to respond.
@dchodge23 I got a quote on IV sedation from a dental office a few days ago of $500.
so stoked to read this and so proud of you for going through with it, you give me hope and i thank you for that much more than you know x

im currently trying to be okay about booking mine, i have no pain currently , and need 2 fillings 2 extrations and 1 cleaning , all done in one sitting , just the thought of my teeth hurting gives me so much anxiety i struggle to brush or eat , and i am so terribly scared of remembering the procedure and being in pain after

how did you feel about that ? and also , how did you manage to allow them to eventually put the IV in ? can you describe what the sedation feels like ? i was told you feel wasted by my dentist who probably thought id be into it but i dont like to feel wasted XD
@cloudsinviolet with the IV I just knew there was no other chance of getting my dental stuff taken care of. It was the only thing that could possibly get me through it and if it didn’t work I would be out of options.

I knew this tooth thing was becoming a burden to my family and causing me so much distress I couldn’t do my job well and couldn’t be fully present with my family so I knew something had to happen.

Also I knew that if I could just sit still long enough for them to get the needle in my arm then my job was over after that. I didn’t need to worry about sitting still for the whole procedure and trying to keep from having a panic attack.

I’ve only been “wasted” once in my life and that was an awful experience. I never drink or take meds that might make me feel loopy because I hate feeling out of control.

The best way I can describe the IV is that I just didn’t care. I had full control and could get up and leave if I wanted to. I could carry a conversation if need be.

But I didn’t care at all. I was so relaxed and “zen” and basically just wanted to nap and relax.

Immediately after I walked right out and could probably even drive but of course didn’t and wouldn’t haha

It’s a breeze I promise. I wanted it to last longer! And I was terrified before.