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Getting used to dentures

Have rung the dentist but they are closed they left a mobile no for emergencies but I have rang a few times and just gone to answer phone and they have not rung back bit annoyed at that as really wanted a bit of reasurence .
Hope you get someone to ring you back for some reassurance..
I don't hold much hope now as its 24 hours will just go on Monday when it opens but not happy about it you could be in pain and no one rings back its bad really
Can‘t believe they have a emergency number and either pick up nor call back. :( Sending you hugs, hang in there, still hope they get to you.

If you wish an input from our forum dentists to get some reassurance, maybe a post in the Ask a dentist section might help, however not sure how quickly someone replies.
Went to the dentist today and luckily it was not the implant but the screw had come off so pleased it was only that .
I feel quite down tonight , I have been to a party for friends , I didn't eat because my bottom teeth move around so much even after using adhesive I felt so different to everyone who had there natural teeth and to be honest ashamed that I had let my teeth get so bad I had to have them all removed ( feeling pretty sorry for myself , I have got to get myself out of this feeling as it is not good) hopefully tomorrow will be a better day
Sending you hugs, so sorry you feel so down today. I know I can't change how you feel, but just to offer you a perspective: there are many people who wear dentures without you knowing. Do not think everyone has natural teeth just because they look like that, I bet many of the people on the party have dentures too. However I understand that at there is a lot to process for you currently.
It is ok to feel sorry for yourself now and then, but keep in mind that you haven't done anything wrong. It wasn't your choice to damage your teeth, any damage was consequence of your fear and you have been amazing to conquer it. May you feel better soon:XXLhug:
I havnt posted on here for a while , I have got more used to the dentures now and find I can eat quite a variety of things the only thing I can't do is bite anything . These are still my temporary teeth and going to the dentist every few weeks for fittings for the bar and implants , I have chosen the colour of my new dentures and on Friday will make the final changes to my permanent dentures , I have implants on the bottom and will have a bar but just dentures on the top ( could not afford the top as implants as well ) . I still can't believe I got through all this and I would like to thank all of you who helped and gave me encouragement to go on this journey , I could not have done it without you and am so grateful I found this site .
:cheer2: :thumbsup!: Scarycat..Wow.. you have made quite a bit of progress it sounds.. That is alot. You are an encouragement to us all!!