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I Need An Extraction But I'm Too Scared To Do It

Catie McBain

Catie McBain

Nov 13, 2020
Northern California

I kinda thought I was the only one who went through that, too. See, that's why I'm glad I joined this forum. Because it makes me realize that it's okay to be afraid and that there are other people out there who experience the same thing.

I think for me my problem is just being so overwhelmed with fright that all my muscles seize up on me. I go into mental breakdown stage, I can't think or hear what other people around me are saying, I can't even move. Then I usually start hyperventilating when I finally do breathe because I'm still panicking and by then it's like I'm starved of oxygen. It's a horrible process.

I've thought about it to try and understand why I feel like that. I'm the same in that I feel trapped, I don't like the attention being on me because I have social anxiety, and I really don't like being touched. People touching me just freaks me out for some reason.

It's also because I'm afraid of being hurt, and that they will force treatment on me against my will. I'm scared of medical environments because I have been physically restrained for medical things in the past, and my brain has just decided that when they make up their mind that I need treatment, they will make me get it whether I want it or not, and it will hurt, and they won't care.

I know that probably isn't going to happen, but my brain says it will and makes me freak out anyway. And being at the dentist is just scary in general. No matter what I'm just scared of the procedure, and the recovery, and the possibility that I could die because that weighs heavily on my mind so yeah. I'm a mess.