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Infected premolar nightmare

@Gordon if its not too much trouble, bases pn the panoramic xray do i have a lot of cavities? Does anyone look urgent? Thanks in advance.
You can't really tell from an OPT, but I'd want another look at the 2 first molars on your right side. They look a bit suspicious but like I said, an OPT isn't really diagnostic for decay.
Hi. So i got the xray from after and i cant tell if he took all the root out. Can someone tell me if it looks like he did or not? Have before and after attached. Right pic is the after. @Gordon


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Hopefully last question. From the panoramic…do i have cysts in my jaws?
Yes it's gone. :frantic:
Not possible to tell definitively from a single x-ray, but no.
@Gordon yaaay! Thank you very much! You are a lifesaver.