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Molar Extraction this coming Thursday

Wow! What a fantastic update! :) I’m so very happy for you that you have a great specialist, a care plan, and it’s all going to be made manageable for you. Congratulations!?

I feel very blessed. Obviously a lot of my issues are brought on by myself - mainly due to lack dental office visits in the past. Clearly I can't undo the past - but having a good plan in place and very caring professionals, and this forum - going forward I am in much better shape. I am sure there will be some discomfort along the way, and I will spend a lot of money - but in reality the discomfort goes away quickly in the scheme of things, and I will get by without the money i spent on my mouth. Bottom line I will have a healthy mouth and I will be able to have lots of great dental checkups in the future!! Notice I used the word discomfort and not the word pain.