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My Dental Phobia back story.

Oh I've been rinsing with that like there's no tommorow.
After I eat or drink anything I give it a good rinse out, just to be safe. LOL:giggle:
I dont need stuff on my teeth rotting them away any more than they are!!;)
So I've been trying not to think about / dwell on it.
But next week I have to get this tooth extracted but due to financial difficulties I cannot be sedated, and because it's a hospital clinic I cant get valium or anything either. I'm terrified and no one understands, my husband just keeps telling me it's all in my head and if I'd just change the way I think about it that I wouldnt be so freaked out.

Well for a phobic it's easier said than done.
I hate asking dentists for valium too, I feel like they look at me and think I'm some drug addict or something, even after I explain how scared I am by it all.

My mother is going to come with me, but I have a feeling this appointment is going to involve alot of tears, and alot of reinforced fears.

I want to get over this phobia, but I'm just not ready to have a tooth pulled and be awake to see/feel it all. ( the pressure from the pulling)

And especially cause it's so far back, I dont think it would be so bad if the dentist didnt have to get way back there for it.

It's far away but it's close too, it seems like each day I get more and more afraid. I really dont want to do this.:cry::shame::sick: