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New here - Severe needle phobia, and major surgery coming up Aug 30

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Hello to all,
Thanks for all your input on this topic, I officially have my concerns addressed, I met with the anesthetist today and all issues are resolved. to start because I have such a terrible anxiety of hospitals, needles and everything related to the topic they are going to give me an anti-anxiety pill(s) at the time of being admitted, this is off topic however, about a year ago my doctor ordered a bone scan because I have a very bad back, 6 adavan and 2 lorazopram didn't even phase me, the nurse came up to me to make an attempt to inject the dye for the scan and she was warned not to take another step closer but she did, her cart flew to the end of the hall and spilled everywhere I kicked it so hard, that story was on net care and the doctor read it, he now knew how terrified I' am of needles and adavan and lorazopram don't even phase me, until I get home to bed that is.

The anesthetist and I chatted and they are doing what they call direct induction, to the best I understood I will be wheeled in to the OR the gas mask comes out, I' am out like a light and the rest is history, I talked about my concerns about the IV being in the fold of my arm, he said it will be placed in the hand somewhere by the end of the consult I was happy that everything is considered handled now.