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Panic attacks, panic disorder, agoraphobia and anxiety help

I just saw the first video on the series and that's so right :/

However whenever I have an attack at my dentist her response is "I have 6-years old who can do this! You are 18! You already drive! So just stop acting like a baby and shut up". Kinda sickens me, if she was a dude I probably would have lost it a while ago listening to stuff like this from a stranger.
I just recently got a phobia for the dentist since they messed up really bad on my mouth. Now I have bad depression and anxiety and I never sleep or eat and in pain but I'm petrified to go back to them after 12 years. ?? I have to hide this from my kids because I can't let them see all my teeth gone at top or emba
I feel everyones pain , i have this disorder anyhow, and to top it of when i go to the dentist i feel like I'm having a breakdown i shake and hyperventilate. Must be a way to get past this............:shame::shame::shame::shame::shame:
I'm gonna give them a read. The pills really done seem like they are helping with anything.
I can really relate to everyone's experiences. Thanks for sharing :)

I've had PSTD for many years now. In addition to ongoing bouts of agoraphobia. My fear of dental treatment commenced not long after diagnosis, and grew worse each year. To the point where my teeth are horrendous (never had great chompers to begin with).

One thing I have almost conquered is the agoraphobia. Not by choice mind you, but from necessity.

To cut a long story short, I was in another state with a friend, and had to get back home quickly. I don't like flying, and not too comfortable on trains either. But the only way to get to Sydney (AU) was to take 2 hour train ride. So I bit the bullet and did it. Aside from 3 panic attacks, I made it there in once piece.

Caught an interstate bus from there back home, took 24 hours, but made home safely.

In December this year (2017) I've had an appointment with a dentist surgery. This has led to the fact I need most of my remaining top teeth extracted. Leaving 2 back and 1 side tooth (which surprisingly are in good condition). These will support the denture I'll have.

I've had a further appointment, in which more xrays and molds were taken. Next appointment is 4'th January to see the dental surgeon, who will do these extractions under general in a hospital.

I'm not fearful on needles. However it's the loss of control when I get a needle and I go numb. That freaks me out, to the point where, I pretty much totally freak out.

For me I'm fine if I have an escape route, of safety net per se. If neither of these are present, well I freak out.
I did get a filling done in 2016, but that was done with lazer, which, does not require a needle, it's 100% painless. No drilling. Pity lazer fillers were not around earlier.

Thing is, I've nearly addressed my agoraphobia but this dental phobia, is one hard nut to crack.
I feel everyones pain , i have this disorder anyhow, and to top it of when i go to the dentist i feel like I'm having a breakdown i shake and hyperventilate. Must be a way to get past this............:shame::shame::shame::shame::shame:

Do they not have sedation Dentistry where you are located? I have panic attacks for other reasons as well as ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Here in Austin Texas, Sedation Dentistry is offered at most Dental Practices! They give you a sedative, generally Valium, and some even have IV sedation! It cost much more, but the pill form isn’t much more than an ordinary office visit. It works very well for a friend of mine who waited 15 years to see a Dentist. Now he goes regularly Hope this helps and I hate Panic Attack’s. People who have never had them just don’t realize how debilitating they are!

Mine comes on in crowded places and in big stores that are crowded. So I avoid crowds and when I go to the store, if it’s really crowded I don’t go in. I wait until it’s less crowded! I can tell it’s coming on as I feel hot, then I start to sweat profusely! I take a 2mg alprazolam. This is what works for ME! It’s not for everyone as it’s very habit forming, but I have the ability to control the amount I take. I’m extremely allergic to SSRIs, that’s just me and it may work fine for others, but it gave me extreme rashes that concerned my Dr. After trying 6 or 7 different ones, this was the option we decided to try, and it works! I’ve also noticed that just knowing that having the medication if I need it has decreased the number of Panic Attacks!

I think I would personally find a reputable Psychiatrist and seek help if you can afford to or if your insurance will pay for it. Mine doesn’t but I have to see one for my ADHD! There’s nothing wrong or shameful about seeking help from a reputable Psychiatrist. Sometimes a good Psychologist can be just as effective in treating Panick Disorders. So can a cognitive behavioral therapist. All of these options are worth looking into. They can help find the root cause of the Panic Attacks often without medication.
I just recently got a phobia for the dentist since they messed up really bad on my mouth. Now I have bad depression and anxiety and I never sleep or eat and in pain but I'm petrified to go back to them after 12 years. ?? I have to hide this from my kids because I can't let them see all my teeth gone at top or emba

Thats really terrible and I’m so sorry your having to deal with this issue! Have you looked into Sedation Dentistry? It available at almost every Dentist here in Austin Texas. They either prescribed one 10mg tablet of generally Diazepam the day before and you take it before you leave for your visit or they sometimes give you a pill to take at the office. Some offer IV sedation for long procedures, but they are more expensive. I have a friend who was so scared to go to the Dentist that it had been 15 years! He was depressed as well. I talked him into trying this type Dentistry and I went with him the first visit. It’s helped him in many ways, including his depression. Since last year, he’s been getting his teeth repaired and he’s going more often to have the repairs done. His mouth looks great and he seems like his life has changed much more for the better than anything he’s tried! I hope you find a solution that helps you, I’ll pray you do.?
I have suffered from panic attacks all of my life, but was diagnosed about 12 years ago. At one point I couldn't eat, was agoraphobic and couldn't leave my house, and I dreaded nighttime because it was the worst. I was on meds a short while and actually have conquered most of my anxiety problems without them. I ended up having no choice BUT to go to the dentist after my tooth broke and I was having major infections and swollen glands. It was the hardest thing for me to do and ended up being a two hour ordeal and having to finally get bone cut out of my jaw...all on simple anesthesia. Through it all, it was actually a turning point for me because something clicked and I realized that I COULD do it. It was the start of my "healing" process. It made me start pushing myself into the fear instead of running from it, and that is the only way to conquer it! If anyone wants to talk about anxiety related issues please feel free to contact me. :)

This is is proof that you have to face your fears and I’m extremely proud of you for beating these horrible Attacks. My Anxiety and Panic attacks are related to being exposed to a pesticide that is now illegal to use indoors! It screwed up my endocrine system. I also have ADHD and it got worse after exposure! As a child I had ADHD, I got to where I wasn’t having to take medication as much as in my teens, by age 25 I was totally off of the medication. When I moved to Texas,pest like scorpions, fire ants and other nasty bugs where the norm! I never had to have my loft in Norfolk Va sprayed, but it’s a monthly thing here! They started using a new and “safe” pesticide. I noticed I was having concentration issues and couldn’t sleep at night! I wasn’t depressed, I was in love actually, but after 3months of spraying the house, I had two car wrecks in a less than two weeks. I knew I needed to see a Dr. I was told my testosterone was extremely low, I was put on patches. Then I started having panic attacks. I got the ripen around and decided to see a Psychiatrist! He did some ADHD tests on me and my ADHD had returned worse than it ever was in the past. I went back on medication and after trying 6 to 8 different SSRIs, everyone of them caused me to have a rash on my chest and my arms. My Psychiatrist put me on Valium 30mgs and 4mgs of Xanax as needed! I know these are highly addictive medications and I’m actually taking much less now than when I started taking this stuff! I just happened to be home the day the pest control company came by and sprayed! The heater came on and I couldn’t breath, I knew that it was the problem. But the Hospital has no Toxicology lab, which it should and once it’s in your system , it does the damage and is out in a few hours!

The pesticide is now now illegal to use indoors and we just have the outside sprayed with a different chemical quarterly. I saw an Endocrinologist and he did some expensive tests. He couldn’t say it was the pesticide that caused these issues, but he said it most likely was the cause! Now I’m still taking the ADHD medication and I’ve tapered off the Valium as well as the Xanax, I only take the Valium mostly at night to sleep and the Xanax for Panick Attacks, but I’ve been getting less panic attacks as I have the medication with me and it’s a mental thing, if I know I have it on me I don’t have them as often, if I know I don’t, I will have one. I am having them much less frequently. I can tell when one is coming on, I start to feel nervous, then I start to sweat profusely, if I take a 2mg Xanax it stops it in about 5 minutes. My husband has had some breathing issues that I’m sure are associated with this pesticide as well! He has to wear a BIPAP at night! I almost lost him in 2012 on vacation in Memphis. He was in the Hospital 3 months on a ventilator and they weened him off of it and he got moved by ambulance to Texas for rehabilitation for 2 months! These meds work for ME personally, but I’m not sure how much longer I can take them. I have been able to control them and I’m taking less now than ever of the anxiety medications. I only take the Xanax about 3times a week instead of daily, the Valium is dependent on our plans. If we are going to a crowded area I’ll take one or two, if where watching TV , I don’t take it until bedtime and one does the trick! So if I have a lot of these two medications left over and then I have a Psychiatrist appointment, I don’t get prescriptions, but if I get low on them he usually calls them in anyway and I just pick up a 30 day supply.

My my long term goal is to be totally off the anxiety meds like you mentioned, by just becoming fixated on the fact that I don’t need them. The ADHD medication is a different issue and that is something I plan to work on after getting off the Anxiety medications all together! But it may be harder as it seems to be as bad as it was after starting it again. I tried to lower my dosage but it makes me tired and hungry like Grizzly Bear that just came out of hibernation. But again, I’m extremely proud of you for facing your fears head on! That’s an inspiration to us all! ?
Here's another free and very comprehensive resource, with both Workbooks and Videobooks options:

Just wanted to update this thread, there is now a revised and updated version of Dave Carbonell's Panic Attacks Workbook. Imaginatively, it's titled "Panic Attacks Workbook - Second Edition" :grin:!

Looks like there have been lots of improvements made! You can find out more here:

Obviously, you can also order this from any online book retailer!