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Severe anxiety and gag reflex, tooth implant

Phew. This is sounding easier. I had a very out of character anxiety and panic attack when I was told the tooth would have to come out, and an implant is pretty much my only option to fix it.

Im going to have to go the expensive route, gas, digital print of my teeth, and the implant itself, but it's becoming more realistic and less scary the more I hear so thanks guys! 10minutes is possible as it's a front tooth, and with quite regular breaks I can no doubt push through it.

I suppose the worst that can happen is I vomit. Hopefully not causing any damage along the way.

Sometimes the more expensive route is worth it for your mental health. I know that choosing nitrous for all my procedures adds an extra hundred to each procedure, but not using it causes me days of lost hours from anxiety, plus lost sleep.
Does anyone know much about mini implants? I'm reading that they are much easier to implant.

Does anyone have one?
They were never intended as a permanent solution, the idea was that the mini would serve as a temporary implant while you waited for the full size implant to integrate. Some people have pushed the envelope a bit with them but I wouldn't consider one, I don't think the compromise is worth it.

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