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Thisismyjournal (thisisme)

Whatever Invisalign is doing to one of my top molars should be a crime. I keep telling myself it has to be Invisalign but with a dentist appointment coming up I’m paranoid.

It hurts with pressure which is not unusual for Invisalign. It’s just been a few trays where it hurt to brush, so I can only imagine how that cleaning is going to go. I also noticed it hurts to floss, which again, isn’t unusual because it happened between my front teeth not too long ago and went away. I honestly wouldn’t even be freaking if I didn’t have a dentist appointment on Tuesday. My ortho appointment is just over a week away and I’d rather have him be the first to know if something is acting up.

I guess I can just tell the hygienist to be gentle in that area due to Invisalign pain and pretend I have full confidence that it is Invisalign so the dentist doesn’t do any investigation. Haha. I mean, I’ve had other teeth feel this way while wearing Invisalign, so it probably is. There’s just always this chance that it’s not, especially when it’s the tooth that acts up if I eat something super sweet.
WOW 24% done!!!

I felt the same about my last dentist and I wished I would have looked elsewhere sooner. The idea of going into the unknown was too scary though. With my cocky "slam bam" dentist, atleast I knew what to expect. Moving is what forced me to find a new one- I'm so glad I moved when I did!

I bet that poor molar is being pushed around by Invisalign and that's why it's sore. Your teeth have been doing quite a bit of moving around lately. I hope all goes well on Tuesday for your cleaning. With my cocky "wam bam" dentist, I hated when he would check in my mouth after a cleaning and poke and prod around. Sometimes I would barely open my mouth so he had a hard time seeing in there. You are free to use my strategy so he doesn't discover anything ;):ROFLMAO:
WOW 24% done!!!

I felt the same about my last dentist and I wished I would have looked elsewhere sooner. The idea of going into the unknown was too scary though. With my cocky "slam bam" dentist, atleast I knew what to expect. Moving is what forced me to find a new one- I'm so glad I moved when I did!

I bet that poor molar is being pushed around by Invisalign and that's why it's sore. Your teeth have been doing quite a bit of moving around lately. I hope all goes well on Tuesday for your cleaning. With my cocky "wam bam" dentist, I hated when he would check in my mouth after a cleaning and poke and prod around. Sometimes I would barely open my mouth so he had a hard time seeing in there. You are free to use my strategy so he doesn't discover anything ;):ROFLMAO:

Thanks, Spider. You’re right about Invisalign. The pain lessened in the right over night and switch to the left. Invisalign pain really doesn’t bother me unless I have a dentist appointment. Then, I start thinking the worst.

Yes he is very wam bam! Haha. I love your tactic. Fortunately, I don’t see him a long time during cleanings. Last time it was like 2 minutes if that but I also didn’t have any problems. This time they are doing X-rays. ? I also hate the gum check. I’m gonna see how this appointment goes. The office is overall nice but he just sees really cocky and I don’t feel like he listens to me. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings. It’s in the evening so I’ll have to wait all day for it. Ugh.

Also yup! 24%...that’s til refinement trays but the first set is 24% done. There’s a chance I won’t need refinements. Your teeth are supposed to look really good after the first set and refinements are purely for tweaking, so I should have a pretty straight smile by Sept.!
I did it! My checkup/cleaning was a success. No new cavities and again only saw the dentist for maybe 1-2 minutes. He was nice. Not sure if it’s fake nice but as long as we don’t disagree on my treatment, then, he’s okay. I’ll go back because I like the hygienist. It was the cleaning with the X-rays and gum check but thankfully, I was still done in 35 minutes. I don’t have to go back now until June! I have my ortho appointment next week but those don’t bother me as much because they are under 10 minutes.

I guess my back wisdom tooth is coming in more. That worries me a bit, but again, cross that bridge if and when I get there. Both the hygienist and dentist seemed happy for me that I started Invisalign. It looks like a good amount of the glue from Invisalign attachments came off, so my teeth look whiter now. That’s nice. She said my gums were in amazing shape, probably because I now floss 3 times a day. Haha.

Anyway, it wasn’t horrible. I’m writing that to remind myself come June. I celebrated by picking up a pizza on my way and watching my favorite show.

I’m so proud I am where I am right now with my dental health. It would not be possible without this forum and support. Thank you!
It’s been really easy to hide my Invisalign journey. I’ve hid my extreme dental phobia, missing/cracked filling, and countless tubes of temporary filling, so this truly is a walk in the park. I thought Invisalign would interfere with my life a lot more... like I’d have to turn down food because I can’t eat them... but it’s been fine. Hiding my dental issues and fear was a lot more life altering than wearing Invisalign.

I thought more about why I’m hiding it and it really comes down to me wanting to do something for me without hearing anyone’s thoughts or feelings about it. Even if it’s supportive.. I don’t want to answer questions about it. I don’t like teeth talk in general. I don’t want to explain my decision to anyone. That was a big reason for not going to the ortho sooner, so it’s so great to do this discreetly. By the time they notice, I’ll be so much more confident in my smile and maybe won’t hate teeth talk so much.

Four months in. Changes are slow but they are there, but I guess when you see someone almost every day, it’s not too obvious. Looking at pictures, it’s very obvious and exciting. Staying on the same 10 day schedule as I am now, my teeth should be pretty straight in 8 more months. Then, onto refinements! I’m hoping to go down to 7 day changes in a few months but the answer right now is “we’ll see.” ?

It seems like my brother may be getting more serious with his girlfriend so there may be a wedding in 1.5-2 years and for the first time in my life, I want to be a bridesmaid. I want to have pictures taken. I really, really hope this Invisalign process keeps going smooth and on schedule. I would love to show how happy I am for them and their special day!

Anyway, just wanted to update because I realized why I was hiding it. I’m still dreading the day they notice but maybe they won’t until it’s all over. They’ll be like “did you do something different?” And I’ll be like “yeah, over the last 20 months.” ? I’m really beginning to think I notice my teeth more than anyone else. That’s oddly reassuring.
Warning! Pictures.

I got some pretty exciting news at my last ortho appointment. Starting with tray 19 (I’m currently on 17), I can try weekly changes! According to my tracking app, that would be 185 days until I’m done with tray 42/42. That is, of course, I continue tracking and don’t have issues. Then any refinements and retainers but my teeth can be near perfection in 6 months. What?!? That’s less than a year. My progress is really showing now. My open bite is showing as bigger than it is because he put glue on my molars to stop my front teeth from clashing. My open bite closed too fast before my front teeth could be positioned in front of my bottom teeth. The glue is a small price to pay, I guess. Not going to lie. It was annoying so much at first but I’m mostly use to it. Look at my canines falling into place. Sometimes having sore teeth is frustrating but it’s very much manageable and so worth it. I can’t stop looking at them. ?

such a huge difference! I can definitely tell that your canines are shifting. There is so much change and this is only tray 16 so I can't imagine how perfect things will look by 42! It's really quite unbelievable! That's too bad your bite needs to artificially stop short for now and you can't enjoy that change yet! Thank you so much for sharing. It really is quite inspirational. Perhaps one day I'll take the leap and get my teeth straightened!
Your teeth are looking good, can't wait to see more progress. Its amazing to see what Invisalign can do!

Hope you're keeping well
Thanks Spider and frost girl, it’s coming along for sure. I really notice the difference when I take out my camera and accidentally have selfie mode on. I don’t cringe. The two front incisors have come forward and they look less like they are hiding. It got really bad where when I attempted to smile, you’d see my canines, then, darkness where my incisors are at, and then my front teeth. *shudder.* That is gone now. I can smile from a distance and that darkness is gone!

Spider, it is a bit frustrating to not be able to touch my front teeth anymore. I was so proud! But I guess he was saying the front teeth were more loose than they should be from that, so I’m stuck with the glue for now. Guess it’s better to be safe. Haha.

Once I go down to weekly, the process is going to speed up. It’ll be like 23 weeks or so and then refinements. Hopefully, I stay on one week. I can always go back if I don’t track but he says my Invisalign always fits me so well. I’m a good patient. ?

Invisalign is amazing. I love it. I could have never done braces but I still get to make my dreams come true by having straight teeth. I want to be a spokesperson for them when I’m done. ?
Well I am halfway through my Invisalign journey. I got to enjoy one week changes for a week and then my ortho was like “mehhhh, I feel more comfortable at 10 days.” I’m tracking perfectly and haven’t had any issues but I guess he thought too much about it. If I stay on 10 days changes, I’ll have 7 months left until I finish my initial 42 trays (it’s been 7 months so far) so I’m halfway there! He says he may eventually let me go to a week again, but I’m not getting my hopes up. He’s too indecisive about it.

I’m currently on tray 21/42. Picture included. My open bite is closed again despite the bite blockers. He checked it a week ago and then two days after that, my trays closed it. The cool thing about the trays that if you don’t like your current bite, it’ll change tomorrow even with the same tray. I don’t get it.

Anyway, the process has been smooth so far and it’s so much easier to take them out or pop them in as needed.

Also, my family still doesn’t know. ?

For the picture, I decided to NOT show the mirror view. When looking at my teeth without flipping the image, you can better see the slanted open bite, with one side more open. It also better shows the progress made. ?

That is amazing progress! Your teeth look so much better. And I can’t believe your family hasn’t noticed.
Only 7 months to go and they will go really quickly. ??
Well I’m now nine months into my Invisalign journey. My friend’s kid (7) recently noticed while playing in a pool, but it wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it would be. Being inquisitive by nature she asked what was on my teeth, and I took them out and told her it’s called Invisalign and that it’s “kind of gross,” and she said “I think it’s cool,” and that was it. No mention of it since. And let’s be honest, I would rather have her comment on my Invisalign than my teeth before Invisalign. My family doesn’t know, which is crazy to me looking at the before and after. I still have a long way to go, but I’m 62% done with the first set of trays. I’m sure there will be refinements but it’ll be nice just to get through the first 42 trays. I’m currently on #27.

All in all, it’s been incredible to see my teeth straighten and the process hasn’t been too bad at all yet. I will say when I started, I just wanted them to be a little straighter and now I demand perfection. They definitely look better with the aligners on, as I’m sure I’ll need some shaping done at the end. My bite feels better but it’s still quite off. My ortho is talking about the eventual use of rubber bands which sucks, but it is what it is. I’m glad to have at least made it this far without them. One side is pretty much completely closed and the other side is closing but it’s taking longer because it was up higher.

My cleaning keeps getting rescheduled, which is kind of a blessing. I don’t have to go to that until July 6. By then, I’ll be on tray 30, which is super exciting.

Anyway, hope everyone is well! I included some pics!


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I haven't been on the site for a bit but wanted to say , this is looking great ! :) so excited you are getting through this process so far already! :grouphug:

I haven't been on the site for a bit but wanted to say , this is looking great ! :) so excited you are getting through this process so far already! :grouphug:
Thank you, krlovesherkids777! I’ve come so far... still have a ways to go but it’s so nice to look at my teeth and not cringe. I still haven’t told my family, which is so crazy to me. I think I’ll end up telling me brother in two weeks when we go on a trip together. It’ll be hard to keep it a secret but we’ll see how it goes. I should be ready by now but I’m not. It’s like such a personal thing to me and I don’t feel the need to tell anyone else. ?‍♀️

I SO get that with keeping it quiet and especially not telling family. I am really quiet and don't talk about dental to family much at all and very vague. Pretty much discuss it here and with a few best friends. :)
Krlovesherkids777, we are very much alike in that manner. I didn’t end up bringing it up to my brother. I was a little relaxed on my wear time for the two days, but he didn’t notice when I was wearing them like 18 hours, but 10 were sleeping, so haha. I have a two day trip with my sister coming up and I feel like it’s going to be harder because she pays more much attention to those things. I went on a weekend trip with her best friend and family and her sister (the dental hygienist) noticed and asked me about it. It wasn’t really awkward and kinda nice having someone else know, so I didn’t have to hide it. Trying to sneak wear Invisalign on a boat and take them out to eat boat snacks is a real challenge but I succeeded. I took some amazing smile pics on that trip. I never wanted to go on that trip because their family takes so many pictures. It was nice not to be so worried about them and just have fun. It was an incredible trip. I miss it so much, even just thinking about it now. At least I have some pictures though that I didn’t run away from.

I had a dental check up/cleaning today. I was able to sleep last night, which shows how far I’ve come, but I definitely still felt that dread sitting in the parking lot. Walking in there.... ugh, the smell. It reminded me of what the dentist used to smell like when I was a kid. I don’t think my ortho smells that way but now I’ll pay more attention. My heart was racing the entire time in the chair. I don’t like the sound of the scraping.

I didn’t have X-rays at this appointment or the gum check, so it’s definitely the preferred one for me. It only lasted about 25 minutes or so, and I’m done for 6 months!
There were two things that bothered me though. 1.) The receptionist had her mask under her nose and 2.) The TV still had another patient’s images on it. Neither seemed professional to me and it worries me some. I’m so comfortable with the hygienist and I’m established there, so the thought of starting over is too much. I can look past the mask but it seems like a huge violation to leave up other images from a patient, even if I can’t read them.

Anyway, as far as Invisalign goes, I’m on tray 31/42. I know refinements and shaping will be needed, but it’s nice to be getting near the end of the first set. Still haven’t told my family, even though it seems super obvious now, but I guess, like anything, when things change overtime, it’s harder to tell a difference until you look at old photos.

Work has been stressing me out a lot so I guess it was kind of nice to leave 2 hours early, even if it was for a dentist appointment.


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I quit my job this week. I know it’s not a dental update, but if it wasn’t for my Invisalign, I don’t think I would have felt comfortable interviewing. All my interviews were via Zoom because I was only applying for full time remote jobs. My teeth look so much better on Zoom! I don’t hate them anymore. So yay!

Getting Invisalign is changing my life in so many ways. I’ve been at my job for 8 years... this is a huge change, but it’s more money, fully at home, and something I got my Master’s in. I worry I’m going to be a total failure in it, but I’ll take it one step at a time.

I start tray 33/42 tomorrow. Everything is going well as far as that goes. One of my coworkers noticed on a video call because I was telling him I quit and smiling so much haha. He just said “hey did you get braces?” And I was like “oh it’s Invisalign attachments” and then he just went back to saying congrats on the job. My sister actually saw me on my patio and I was smiling because I had quit my job and she’s like “your teeth look so shiny? Like they are beaming.” And I was like uhhh and let it drop because she was walking and just passing my patio. Awkward haha. I’m going away with her this weekend and it’s going to be much harder to hide than it was with my brother. I’m starting to forget I have them, so it makes me let my guard down. I don’t know how many times I went to take a bite of food and then realized my Invisalign was in.
Wednesday is my one year Invisalign anniversary! Aug. 25 marks exactly one year since starting. It’s hard to believe. I still haven’t told my parents or family at all. I thought they would notice as my teeth start to straighten, but it must be the psychological effect of them moving slowly over time that they don’t notice. I even thought they would notice me smiling more in pictures but nope. Apparently only I noticed how much I didn’t smile, which is crazy to me. I usually don’t have my Invisalign in when talking to them, and if I do, I position myself farther away. It sounds like it takes a lot of effort, but it’s been a year and it’s just habit now.

I’m set to finish 42 trays sometime in October (2 months!). Then onto refinements. My bite is still trying to close fully, so rubber bands may be in my future. Dreading that, but for now, I’m just here enjoying the ride. Without a doubt, one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve been at my new job for two weeks and I have so many video meetings because I’m new. I can’t imagine having to look at my teeth every video meeting before I had Invisalign.

Anyway, that’s all I got! Here’s to 1 year in Invisalign! ?


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Wow that looks amazing - I’m really surprised that nobody has commented on the transformation yet ?!
Wow that looks amazing - I’m really surprised that nobody has commented on the transformation yet ?!
Thank you! I was really bad at taking pics at first, so my ortho will have even better ones that show the progress. You can really see how the canines moved up and down, which I didn’t even know was possible with Invisalign. I am so happy I saw this ortho first and he said Invisalign was an option for me, even when I didn’t ask because I just assumed it wasn’t.

How my family hasn’t noticed is a blessing. I’m still not sure I’m ready to talk about it, even though it’s been a whole year. It’s weird that it’s been part of my life so long, yet they have no clue. ?‍♀️