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Thisismyjournal (thisisme)

On tray 39/42… what?!? How crazy is that. Not sure I’ll make it to 42, as my next appointment is at the end of 41 (Oct. 13), and I’m hoping we just rescan… though he did mention rubber bands before rescanning. I really hope it’s after if it has to be at all. My open bite is not fully closed yet (pics included) but it’s come a long way. I am confident Invisalign could close it the rest of the way, but I’m not sure my ortho will be patient enough. But look at how far I’ve come! I can’t believe I was so worried about telling people and it’s been my secret for 13 months now.


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Absolutely amazing ?- thanks for sharing!! Can’t believe nobody has commented on it yet…
Absolutely amazing ?- thanks for sharing!! Can’t believe nobody has commented on it yet…
Thanks! My projected treatment time was 26 months but this is after only 13. I can’t believe it. I think it’s just because I hid my teeth for so long, though my family finding out one day is going to be a weird conversation. ?
I started tray 42/42 yesterday! I’ll need refinements, but it’s totally unreal I’ve made it this far! My ortho appointment was reschedule because he’s in quarantine, but I’m hoping they realize that the next time I see him I won’t have any trays. I’m worried they scheduled me a quick checkup appointment since I was supposed to see him before I was done. I’m too socially awkward and nervous on the phone to say I’ll need a rescan that day. Regardless, I’m going to be stuck in this tray for like 6 weeks, but hey, lots of flexing on wear time. Rescans and waiting for trays are one downside to Invisalign but the rest has been great. I love being able to smile and show my teeth. Family still doesn’t know, which is such a relief. I got to do this just for me!
So my ortho made me wear my tray for three additional weeks before refinements, which was super annoying. He said he wanted my teeth to settle, but they would have settled waiting for refinement trays. But it is what is, and today was the day I was scanned for refinements! It is a huge milestone. I attached my first and recent scan.

He says three weeks for trays, but I’m sure it’ll be at least four. There’s definitely a delay on them. But at least I have a ton of flex time when wearing my tray since I’ve been in the same one for 5 weeks already, plus however many weeks I wait for new trays. So no rushing at Thanksgiving to get my trays in and out, so that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I attached some pictures of my first scan in July 2020 and my refinement scan today.


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I’ve been in my last tray (42/42) for 7 weeks now. I don’t understand why he made me wait 3 weeks before scanning when I had already wore that tray 2 weeks, and it takes 3+ weeks for refinements to come in. This is definitely the most frustrating part of treatment. It’s basically a retainer at this point, so I’m getting relaxed on wear time. It’s honestly going to be hard to go back to 22 hours a day once my refinement trays come in.

My family literally has no idea. How that is beyond me. But I guess little changes over time are harder to see. It’s so nice to smile in holiday pictures and not instantly freeze up when someone says “let’s get a picture.” That has honestly been the best part of this… I’m not terrified to take pics any more.

I’m really excited about refinements because there’s some things that still bug me about my smile. It’s weird how I used to just want my teeth to be a little better but now I’m obsessing about how I want them perfect. My right size needs to be pulled down a little more to look better, and I hope it helps my bite. It feels like I hit on the left first. Also there’s some gaps on the bottom from IPR. I’ll also need either bonding or shaving on my top front teeth because I have a small chip. All of this is super minor in comparison to how my teeth were before, but I’m excited for these changes. If I were to guess, I’ll have my refinement trays in about two weeks but who knows with shipping and the holidays. Fingers crossed, though! This tray is getting old and gross.
That sucks you've had to wait 7 weeks in the last tray. Your teeth look amazing, it honestly feels like you just started your journey! It is hard to believe no one has noticed!
That sucks you've had to wait 7 weeks in the last tray. Your teeth look amazing, it honestly feels like you just started your journey! It is hard to believe no one has noticed!
Thanks, Spider! I finally got refinements put on Wednesday! They removed all my attachments before they put on new ones, and it was so amazing to feel how smooth my teeth were. But alas, new attachments must go on. This set is 1/8! My ortho is starting me on 2 week changes again, which stinks but maybe he’ll change it halfway though. If not, it’s only 8 trays! Hoping this is the last refinement but the process has been so quick and pretty easy that it’s hard to complain. And I’m loving my new smile. ?

I’m a little worried with upcoming Christmas parties because I haven’t seen some of these people in two years. My smile changes may be more obvious to them and how awkward would that be if they said something in front of my family, who has no idea?! But I guess cross that bridge if we get there!
April 13 is a big day! After my appointment today, it sounds like he’s going to leave it up to me if I want further refinements, and if not, April 13, I’ll get bonding on my chip and the rough edges smoothed out, and a retainer! Ahhhh! He even asked how I wanted them, so I Photoshopped them to show him, haha. See second picture (top is current, bottom is Photoshopped). As much as I want them as perfect as possible, they’ve come so far, and part of being human is imperfections. We’ll see if I change my mind or if he changes his mind (more likely), but regardless I see the finish line! Two more trays of 3 weeks each and 1 more week of this tray! It’s so exciting. Even if he decided that I needed more refinements (which I hope he doesn’t and it really seems like he’s done as much as he can based what what he said today), I’m still so close!


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So happy and excited for you!! Nearing the finish line ! :cheer2::welldone::dance2:
So happy and excited for you!! Nearing the finish line ! :cheer2::welldone::dance2:
Thank you! 2.5-3 years ago, I never thought I could do this. Just going to the dentist in Aug. 2019 was a huge accomplishment, but now, I’ve got that straighter smile I’ve always wanted?! And I basically got through treatment without having to explain my orthodontic treatment to anyone?! Is this real life? They originally estimated my treatment at 26 months, but if I finish April 13, it’ll be just under 20 months… and that’s with moving very conservatively (2 week and 10 day changes instead of a week). Invisalign is great technology in the hands of the right ortho!

I look in the mirror and can’t believe they are my teeth. I’m so excited for the finishing touches because then I think I’ll really love my smile even more.

ETA: They still feel my teeth though, and I love that. I didn’t want a completely different smile. I just wanted my smile straighter… and I even got a corrected bite out of it!
Your journey has been an inspiration and I wish I was like you. I definitely need to get my butt in gear to get a smile I'm happy with ??
Your journey has been an inspiration and I wish I was like you. I definitely need to get my butt in gear to get a smile I'm happy with ??
Aw thanks frostgirl! You’ve already come so far on your journey, so you should be proud of yourself! My best advice is that it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I don’t mind ortho appointments at all, even though I still hate my dental ones. Getting started was really the hardest part… finding the ortho, making the appointment, showing up, committing, and it’s been super easy since. I almost enjoy any new pain with trays. It’s reassuring to know it’s working and it only hurts shortly after taking them out, so if you wait like 5-10 minutes before you eat, you can really eat ANYTHING you want. Like Invisalign has not limited me and my eating habits in any way. I’ve done everything from chicken wings to corn on the cob to burgers. It’s amazing. Definitely one of the best technologies.
I thought for sure today would be the day, but alas, my ortho and his conservative ways wants me to wear this tray for another 6.5 weeks to let my bite settle. That’s 9.5 weeks total. Ugh. Before I left, I was like “okay to make sure, I’m gonna get attachments removed and a retainer next time,” and he said yeah. I do feel like I could do one more round of refinements, but my teeth have come so far and I like that they still have a bit of character to them. Makes me feel more natural. And he also feels the same way. So my smile now is going to be my smile in 6.5 weeks. Just without the attachments. And that’s if he doesn’t change his mind again.

So I guess I’m kinda done? The only thing I don’t like to do currently is smile in close up pictures outside because it makes the attachments most visible, so I’m very much looking forward to having them removed! So the new finish line is May 31. ? Picture attached.


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May 31st is around the corner. I’m worried my ortho is going to make me keep my attachments until the retainer comes in but what’s another couple of weeks. I just hope he doesn’t decide to do another round knowing him. 😆

It’s weird because I’m almost a success story. Where I was at 3 years ago… having not seen a dentist in 17 or so years… to now. It’s given me a lot of perspective. Mainly, I’ve spent so much time overthinking. Overthinking about my teeth. Obsessing at how much I hated them. Worrying about eventually needing to go to the dentist. Wasting so much brain space on teeth. And of course it’s easier to say now that I’m happier with them, but still. Not a single family member has noticed my straighter teeth. All that wasted time thinking about how horrible they were and how everyone must have thought I was hideous, and how it’s literally not obvious to most people. Especially my family because they would definitely say something.

But I am happier with my teeth and smile. I’m finally starting to do webinars at my job and it’s so amazing to not be worrying about how my teeth look. I actually probably would have never had the confident to interview remotely before Invisalign. Learning to talk showing them and smiling has been the hardest part. I’ve been hiding them for so long, and it’s habit to keep them hidden. But I’ll get better at it, especially after the attachments come off.

It’s really been quite a journey, and I’m proud about how far I’ve come. I’m a little sad I wasted so much time thinking about teeth, but I’m happy I took the steps needed to free up my brain space.

My next biggest dental challenge will most likely be switching offices because my old office doesn’t take my new insurance. I’m sure that’ll stress me out, but I know I can do it.

Don’t give up on your teeth dreams everyone! They can come true. 🌟
They look great! Congratulations!
Wow!!!! It feels like just a few months ago you started this journey and now it's almost over and your smile is amazing!!
It's very interesting that people close to you havent noticed. I do think we are our biggest critic. The positive energy of smiling big and feeling confident must be felt by others though!
You've had many appointments over the past couple of years. Have you gotten to the point where you aren't nervous before your appointment?
Oh and I really like when you said you wasted so much time thinking about teeth. That's how I feel too. I've been trying to think less, all those "what if" and worrying thoughts just fill life with unnecessary fear and anxiety. Easier said than done though! I appreciate you sharing your story!
You've had many appointments over the past couple of years. Have you gotten to the point where you aren't nervous before your appointment?
This is super late. Sorry, Spider. Kinda dropped off the radar but to answer your question, I do still get nervous. But it’s not the same nervous, and it doesn’t destroy me like it did to a point where I can’t go. I think it’s just more because I find the whole thing awkward. Like let me sit in the weird chair, have you lean me back, and look in my mouth. Ortho appointments, especially just the check ins, were super easy. But for some reason, I still felt some anxiety about them, but it didn’t stop me in my tracks. Also, I always just feel so vulnerable and it’s always so cold, so I feel like it doesn’t help any nerves. All dental offices should have blankets. It should be a norm. 😆

I recently had to switch dentists because I got new insurance and that definitely came with bigger anxiety. But I did it. I have to go back for a small filling, and that makes me super anxious, but I guess after 17 years of avoidance, 19 months of Invisalign, and everything else I went through, I can conquer it.

Also, I love love love having straight teeth. It makes me less nervous to go to a dentist because I feel better about my teeth. I also just really love being able to talk and smile confidently. And I love how little thinking about teeth occupies my brain now. I can’t believe there was even a time where I thought so much about it!

Hope you are well!

Edited to add that I finally told my sister after she started commenting on my teeth in a photo. She’s just like “I guess I never noticed how straight they are.” But I haven’t told my parents or brother and they haven’t said anything. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
This may be my last update. It’s been about 3.5 years since I began going back to the dentist.

I saw a new dentist and even let them do a small filling on my front teeth. It was totally fine. I don’t necessarily enjoy the experience, but it’s really not horrible. I once said I didn’t even want a coroner looking into my mouth if I died… well now I’m definitely more afraid of death. 😆 But the dentist? I’ll take that any day.

From a first cleaning, to fillings, to a wisdom tooth extraction, and finally Invisalign. 17 years of avoidance, and I’m finally really happy with my teeth. I barely think about them now. It’s crazy.

I stood up in a wedding this weekend. I got my hair, makeup, and nails done and got to smile in pictures. Like really smile. This is something I’ve dreamed about… just being able to smile freely and not feel self conscious at all. I can’t believe that I can actually do this now and cannot wait to see the professional pictures. I don’t stress about my teeth with events with pictures or parties or vacations. Well, I have my normal stress now, like the anxiety of that comes with breaking a routine, but that’s for another forum I’m sure. 😆

Thanks to everyone on here. It’s been a journey, and I think I’m finally at the end. At 35 years old, I have the teeth I’ve wanted for the last 15 or so years. Thanks for your messages, support, and encouragement. The first step is really the hardest, but I’m very happy and fortunate to be where I’m at now.

Good luck in your journeys everyone! Time for me to move onto my next one!
I've been a member here for a couple years and enjoyed following your posts. Congratulations on finally reaching the end of your journey. Best wishes:)