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Thisismyjournal (thisisme)

And I survived. This time was a bit different. New room. New assistant. Between us, I’d like the other assistant better. She would say close to suction and this one was pretty quiet. The dentist was running late and of course, I had to sit in the chair for 9 minutes while the person in the room next to mine (MY ROOM!) was getting a filling. Talk about a true test of your bravery.

I had two fillings... so of course, two shots. First one was better. Second one felt like an awkward spot and the pain lingered a bit after he was done. Not awful by any means, though.

Of course, he tells me one filling (not even the one I thought it would be) was deeper so just to keep an eye on it. Grr. Now, I have two deeper fillings that may eventually need root canals one day. I’m happy I went when I did, but I really hope these fillings last me many, many years.

It took about 15 minutes to do the fillings. Next week will be tougher because there’s 4, so I’m anticipating double that time, but then, in theory I should be done until my next cleaning in March. I say in theory because even though he couldn’t find a cavity in this particular bottom molar, there feels something weird about it. Even during the filling, it seemed like the cold suction made it twinge just a tiny bit. I am hoping that it is just my imagination side I was so convinced something was wrong with it for years.

Anywho, YEARS of temporary filling and 20 minutes. He said I did really good, which I know is super lame but it makes me feel good.

That’s all I have. T minus 8 days until I’m all done with treatment!
So my mom had her appointment and did not have a good experience. She was pressured and said he found 5 cavities. This seems very unlike the place (considering I had not gone in a decade and a half), so part of me is wondering if their technology can see things her other office can’t? She’s very upset, and I’m really regretting that she decided to try it out. I feel like it’s my fault because I have had such good experiences. Not once have I questioned what he found and now part of me is wondering if I should be. I’m going to finish treatment this week and will probably go back for my next cleaning in March, but this feels like a major setback.

The spot where he gave me an injection yesterday bothers me a little as well. I knew it would since it hurt more going in and hurt in a different way. Hurts most when I open my mouth. I’m hoping it’s temporary.

I’m really, really ready to be done now. I’m done to using temporary filling in one tooth and just want it all taken care of, so I can move on with my life.
Sorry to hear your mom had a different experience. When you mentioned other technology, does the practice use diagnodent (its another way to get imaging of the interior of the tooth)? If she felt uncomfortable about their recommendations I hope she gets a second opinion.

Something similar happened to my mom many years ago. She went regularly to the dentist, the same one I had as a teenager. I didn't like the guy at all and I know of at least a couple instances with me where he didn't act on treating things like cavities. By the time she changed to another dentist they found that she needed 4 fillings fixed because they were leaking and two root canals. Not saying the exact same thing happened to your mom but its unfortunate when they do
I do get the feeling my mom’s current dentist is very conservative and they do not have much technology. She only tried my place because her new hygienist is from hell. She was so upset at how aggressive they were and how they weren’t listening to her that she spoke to the office manager and announced she was never coming back. I can understand because first appointments at new places are tough, and even though they didn’t do dental charting with me (I think it’s because I had only three fillings at the time), they did it with her. They were shouting numbers, and she said it was so uncomfortable. That was one of my biggest fears, so I get it. I don’t think they have a diagnodent. I don’t know what it’s called but it kind of clips on your teeth (reminds me of a hair straightener) and takes pictures, I think. He did say they were small but should be addressed. She is going to return to her previous dentist and talk to him about the hygienist from hell.

I’m upset it didn’t work out. Mostly because she’s upset but also because I have to face this awkwardness at my next appointment. As if I needed more reasons to dread to dentist.

On the bright side, she said the cleaning was a lot better than her hygienist from hell, but the rest of it was super awful. I feel bad I even said anything.

This whole thing is a huge setback in my dental progress. Should I still trust my dentist? Is he trying to make money? Do I just like it there because I don’t know of anywhere else? I have to get through my fillings next week and I’ll be done until my next scheduled cleaning. It’ll give me some time to think.

Overall, not a good day.

I'm so sorry about what happened to your mom too and the experience.. I'm glad the hygienist was better , I can see how the shouting of the numbers might be really uncomfortable for her. It seems like this dentist has had good and bad days with you. Is it something you might email or call about or be able to talk to him about this experience being difficult and see how he responds? either he will take it well and be understanding and want to make you more comfortable there.. or not? I hope he will come through for another positive experience for you at least to finish off the fillings. Sorry the injection site bothers you too!!
Thanks, krlovesherkids777. I am thinking about emailing him but kind of want to wait until after my next appointment. I don’t want to make things more uncomfortable and would rather finish treatment and then be like hey... so... thanks for xyz, but... haha.

This past time (I know I wear headphones, but I can still hear), he and the new assistant were chatting about a dental conference. I found it super unprofessional to be all up in my mouth and talking to each other. Like hello, person between you. He had not done that in the past but I’ve always had the other assistant. I’m really hoping I get her next time. And I hope it’s not weird since it didn’t go well with my mom.

This just needs to be over. I’ve also been struggling a little because I’ve been dependent on temp filling for so long, the new fillings feel so weird. I don’t know what I was expecting and I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like.

I literally don’t know my mouth at all and I’m finding this terrifying. I only know my mouth with cavities and temp filling, so all this new stuff feels weird. And if I feel this way with two fillings... imagine me with four more? ?
Think you will adjust over time to the fillings. When had a crown done it took a little bit for it to feel normal. Not that it felt bad but it was just different. It's pretty common for people to post here being worried that something is wrong when they are just sorta hyper sensitive to the changes to their teeth. If for some reason things don't feel right, and its been a couple weeks since the fillings were done?, it might be worth bringing it up the next time you go (they feel weird after eating, are sensitive to temperature, etc.).

If you don't like the dentist talking about other stuff while they are with you I would mention it the next time you go. They may not have realized that you found it off putting. During a longer appointment I had once, my dentist was talking about his weekend, gardening and so on with the assistant. Personally didn't mind it cause it was a nice distraction and I would rather hear them than not. However, I could see that hearing about a dental conference would probably not be the best thing to listen to when you are nervous.
Think you will adjust over time to the fillings. When had a crown done it took a little bit for it to feel normal.

Thanks Sol! Normal is what I struggle with because my teeth haven’t been normal for years. I’ve been stuffing them with temporary filling and that became my new normal. I think you’re right and I’ll adjust. I’m ready for my right side to be done, so I can take a few months off from dentistry (hopefully). On Tuesday, I’m getting two on the top filled and two on the bottom re-filled. That’ll be my longest procedure, so I might have to say something about them talking or crank up my headphones higher.

I was doing so good with this dental stuff, but it’s getting long now. I know it’s my fault because I put off going for so long and it could be a lot worse, but I’m just so ready.

Thanks for your help and support. ?
I played softball for the first time tonight since going to the dentist. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for years, I played... forgetting about everything else in my life... except for that. It took over most of my brain. It was the first thought I woke up with, the last thought I’d go to sleep with. In periods of anxiety, it would weigh on my mind at 3 a.m.

It was consuming. This fear will suck up your entire life if you let it. It took my 20s away from me. I wonder if others know or can even begin to understand how horrible this phobia is, especially when you know/are hiding issues with your teeth.

I know I am going and I’m almost done with immediate needs. I am happy for that. I’m in no rush for wisdom teeth (sorry dentists!) and braces would be nice, but I just can’t believe how long I’ve lived with this secret. I suppose I am still very much living with it. Nobody but you guys know how extreme this phobia was and how much I let it take over my life.

Every vacation I’ve been on for 7 years (and I go on a few a year), I’ve dealt with dental issues. Always packing temporary filling, always afraid that something would happen, always rushing back to the room if the filling fell out, and on my worst days, always having to have something to chew on because it stopped my brain from focusing on the cavities.

I leave for a vacation in 2.5 weeks, and this will be the first vacation in 17 years since I visited a dentist beforehand. 17 years (7 years with a lost filling). My brain can’t comprehend that. I am excited but also just a bit stunned by it.

The crazy thing is I have so much going on in my life and this is just one tiny thing that would have seen so big years ago. I wish I could talk to people about it, but I can’t. I just nonchalantly go to the dentist like all the normal people do.

I know this is a bit of a ramble. It’s just where my head is at tonight.
I had my last four fillings today (two new; two refilled). Sadly, the last one on the top is “the deepest one” and the only one so far he had to put that medication in to calm the nerve. He says you don’t really know if it’ll need a root canal, but I have to watch it. He says if I can make it 18 months, it’ll most likely never act up. I guess the clock starts now.

Besides that, the appointment went great. I am still quite numb. By the time I sat in my chair to when I paid was 36 minutes. That’s it. It was the whole right side of my mouth (two on top and on bottom). No pain. Three injections is a little rough and by the last one, I was wishing we were done, but they are no means the worse thing in the world.

They are nice there, and this appointment was better than my last. I had my headphones a little louder and there was no dental conference talk. I had my old room back (yay!) but not my old assistant (boo!). I did see her, though, which is nice. I feel like a frequent flyer.

I am hoping I get lucky with the last “deep cavity” molar on the top. I feel like I could survive a root canal there, but I don’t want to pay for it. Also, the cavity I’ve been stuffing temp filling in feels like there’s still a hole there. I’m wondering if that’s how it’s supposed to be. Like maybe the hole is a groove and it doesn’t have to be stuffed with a filling? I guess we’ll see how it feels after I’m not numb anymore. I am trying to trust him.

I am caught up, I guess? Well, besides a wisdom tooth consult, but they aren’t giving me any trouble, and I am not brave enough yet.

This is such a weird feeling. I did it! 1 chipped molar/cavity re-fill, 1 cleaning, 1 exam, 1 wisdom tooth extraction, 4 new cavities, 2 cavities re-filled... done! 17 years of avoiding the dentist and I have a healthy mouth again after 2.5 months.

I need to numbness to wear off, so I can make sure things are really okay, but this is just crazy. I can even begin to think about braces now that I’ve been brave enough to open my mouth and get it healthy! I will probably wait a bit just because I need a dental breather.

Side note: They were really nice about my mom. I was hoping they wouldn’t bring it up, but they said my mom is really sweet and it was nice to meet her.
Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!
So happy for you! This is great!

Hopefully when you go for your next check up with them, that your favourite nurse is there :)

:grouphug: So glad for you this appt went better again. and wow 36 minutes is definately fast . Glad you got your old room back and at least a sight of your favorite assistant.. I have my favorite too. : ). its always nice to work wth someone you are more comfortable with. I also think its great they brought up your mom and her appt in a really positive nice way.. Hope your fillings are doing ok .
I had the completely random and morbid thought just now that if I am murdered they will be able identify my body from dental records. ?

I was thinking I’d have my favorite nurse because I was in my first room, but they much switch days. I wonder how odd it would be to always request the left room? I actually prefer the room over the assistant. The left room is just more comforting to me.

Hope your fillings are doing ok .

I am definitely preferring my left side because those have seemed to settle. I think I underestimated how much work four fillings at a time would be. That’s ALOT to adjust to. They aren’t really painful or anything, but they do feel weird. The one on the bottom with that sharp pain with extreme pressure (Dr. Gordon’s ligament answer made me feel so much better) and one on the top feels more sensitive than the others. Plus, the spot of the shots are a little sore today.

I read it could take a few days or a few weeks to settle. He did say some sensitivity is normal, but a lot of pain is not and to come back in if that happens. Time will tell. You get so used to living with temporary fillings and the occasional “too sweet” feeling that this is a huge adjustment for me. Every night before bed for years, I would put temporary fillings in three teeth. I spent about 10 dollars a month on temporary filling. I feel so crazy now, but that was my life. I just hope I get used to not doing that. Is it weird I kind of miss the taste of it? Haha.
Today is the first day where I feel content with the left side of my mouth. I know I wrote that they settled in the last post, but I was still constantly feeling them and wanting to chew something (a bad habit I picked up while I had cavities). It’ll be two weeks from tonight that they were filled, so I am hoping that’s a magic length of time for them to settle, and I’ve reached it. I hope I didn’t jinx it.

My right side is a different story. Tomorrow will be a week. Having four cavities worked on was a lot. It wasn’t bad in the chair but getting used to them after the fact is something that I’m struggling with. The second to last bottom molar (excluding wisdom teeth) is still giving me a sharp pain when biting down to a point I’ve stopped completely using that side to chew. I want to give it another week 1.) Because I really don’t want to go in, and 2.) My mom who has had a lot of work done said to, haha. It wasn’t one he said was deep. It was just annoying because it’s one he replaced, which wasn’t causing issues before.

The top one... again second molar from back seems to be on/off sensitive to sweet. Again, not one he said was deep.

I am really hoping these issues disappear after the two week mark. I read up to four weeks to let things settle.

It’s hard to not have any dental work done for over a decade and then, play catchup in a few weeks. I keep telling myself that I lived with my teeth a certain way for so long, so it’ll probably take longer than the average person to adjust.

Only time will tell.
Also I had a dream I went to my dentist for the issues I described and he was so busy. He finally came out from the back and wrote me a prescription for “melatonin” to make me sleepy and forget about the problems. ?

Also he looked like Ted Bundy (who was a serial killer).

So yeah maybe I’m not exactly over my phobia. ?
With that many changes occurring in your mouth, it is not uncommon for your bite to be off so if you notice the pain continuing from biting down, the filling could just be too high and may need to be adjusted by your dentist.
Oh my.. now that would be a dentist I'd want to avoid.. Ted Bundy.. Gotta love dental dreams.. or not.. it is interested trying to figure them out sometimes though.. I hope things get better for you !!!
I’m in a bit of a predicament. I leave Tuesday morning for a trip. I was thinking about calling tomorrow and seeing if I can swing in after work for a bite adjustment. Hoping that could maybe help. I’m not in pain (unless I bite down hard on one side) but something does feel off, and Tuesday will be two weeks since I had the four fillings on one side.

However, at the same time, I don’t want to make anything worse. I have a really bad track record of going to the dentist, and then, being more uncomfortable than I was before. I know it’s the present and not the past but I’m really hesitant to risk anything before a trip.

It’s only four nights and I’ll be back home, so part of me wants to me wait and the other part of me is so annoyed and wants to call. And really, they may not be able to get me in anyway, so I’m torn.
Don't see the harm in calling and asking if they have any openings before you leave. If its just to adjust the bite its usually pretty quick and you may not even need to be numbed for it. Had this done myself years ago with a crown that felt off after having it for a week. Thankfully, it only took one adjustment appointment for it to feel normal.

Hope all goes well. Don't think there is much risk of "making things worse" in this situation. However, I've heard in some cases it can take a couple appointments to get the bite right so don't fret too much if its not perfect the first time.