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Went to dentist after 8 years. Feeling so ashamed.

made an endo appointment for July 19th. It’s just a consultation. The receptionist assured me they work with curved roots all the time and it’s not a problem, so I’m feeling better about that!
Had a consultation with the referred endodontist this morning. He was incredibly friendly and didn’t make me feel judged or guilty at all. Said “you can blame it all on COVID!” even as I kept blaming myself.

The curved roots can be treated; he’s not concerned. My tooth is absolutely unremarkable. I could have had the tooth cleaned out today but I chickened out and had to make an appointment for next month. I also thought the price would be ridiculous but it’s very reasonable.

Back to the normal dentist tomorrow … But at least now I’m not scared I’m going to lose tooth #3. I’m terrified the whole time I’m in the chair. What i REALLY need is for the professionals to to tell me it’s not as bad as I think it is and that’s starting to happen … a little bit …

More news: dental insurance denied the SRP request because they don’t think I need it. I want to believe this means I don’t have perio/bone loss but I know it’s probably just Medicaid penny-pinching.

And, the other night I wore an OTC night guard that stops your back teeth from making contact. I wore it ONCE and now one of my front bottom teeth is a tiny bit wiggly! UGH! :( :(
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