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What happens if?

well for 1 there's nowhere else or consultants near here that does what I need+2 I'm nhs so even if I could go to another hospital I'd have to start all over from scratch.
What do you mean doing nothing? I have no teeth I can't go out or have a normal life I'm trying to improve my situation but its hard to do when no one wants to help.

I mean not doing any of the planned work of getting those implants. If you end up you do not like the final result, will you go out or have a normal life? You already mentioned you are not wearing the dentures they gave you because you don't like how they look. You should be happy with the final restoration visually and functionally. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you give me the impression you are unimpressed by the work currently done and have extremely low expectations that things will be better with the final restoration with the implants.
Your correct+well no I wouldn't leave the house if the result looked awfull (who would?) I'd like to see pics of similar work he's done but really don't know if that's poss. The reason I didn't wear the dentures is partly yes the way they looked but also because I never wanted them or asked for them in the first place,I don't even have them anymore he took them back.
I’m not trying to criticize your choice but rather understand your decision. USA is a much bigger country and I’ve seen patients from different states and countries including ???????.
Ok (Its not really a choice as such) I'm not from the the U.S so not really sure the question?
Not a question just a statement that I know that some patients will travel far for treatment when they have confidence in a doctor or facility.
I'd love too aswell.
I'd love too aswell.
Posts like this is upsetting for me as we all should have options like choosing to go somewhere else if we aren’t happy. No one should feel the need to settle. But I know from my moms experience with the medical profession, the reality is some just can’t for whatever the reasons may be (insurance, money etc) it’s just horrible and sad. For now I’m lucky to have options but I’m terrified when I retire and my dental is no longer covered unles I can pay out of pocket (and still mange to live on what’s left of my income in retirement pay) I’ll be limited. I truly am wishing you the best possible outcome in all this.
Exactly when I said yes I could travel to a point I meant maybe somewhere in the uk (even then a bit awkward) as for overseas well I don't have a passport+money is also the main issue.