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Wizzie removal success stories Mega Thread

Tyler, you will be under what YOU decide to be. Your dentist / surgeon makes suggestions / recommendations and you chose. It's even possible to remove wisdom teeth with just local anesthesia if that's what you prefer.
This is an awesome story!! Thanks for sharing!
Hey guys, HM here, sorry for the hiatus, the truth is I've been doing so well recently I haven't really been feeling like posting!

I had my second wizzie out at 10ish this morning and honestly? It was such a non-event I don't even know what to say. I was 110% calm about it (the only things that worried me a little was the parking situation in the hospital car park and, when they injected the sedation into me, whether I would be aware of the procedure or if I would forget it all like last time). Here's a step by step thing about what happened:

1. Go to hospital
2. Sign in and wait for a bit
3. Get called into a room with a dental chair
4. Sign consent forms and drink drink of ibuprofen (tastes like oranges)
5. Have cannula put in (sharp scratch and mildly uncomfortable but not too bad)
5. Have sedation injected in (felt weird in the head and kind of spaced out)
6. Nothing. Literally remember nothing about the procedure.
7. Come to in recovery room, totally in control of what I was saying (apparently I just said to my bro 'alright?' and 'yeah fine')
8. Walk a few steps to ascertain whether you're ready to go home. I was, but a bit off balance.
9. Go home and buy icecream
10. Eat icrecream.
11. Watch a film
12. Fall asleep (or try to in this heatwave!)

And that's it. The whole thing was such a non-event, I wasn't nervous the night before, nor the day of the procedure, even sitting in the chair with the cannula in waiting for the sedation my mind was on other things. It was almost scary how little fear I had.

I can't believe that less than a year ago I was suicidal over this. I mean, I understand it, it is a hugely stressful and traumatic thing for some people, I guess what I'm trying to say is I can't believe how far I've come. I guess the only way to get over this dental phobia was just to DO IT and GET IT DONE so next time I can say 'well, I've done it before, I can do it again.'

You can all DO IT and GET IT DONE, I believe in you! Sedation is a piece of cake, man.

Peace my Gs,



Such courage.

You have earned this wonderful outcome.
So glad it went to smooth and well for you and you are doing so awesome!! Thanks for sharing!
This is so amazing, HM! I can remember your posts last year and the shift is unbelievable. If you managed to feel about a procedure in terms of a non-event than you are even much further than the most "normal" people as they still have feelings of tensness or dislike.

Thank you for the update, I will keep this post in mind and recommend it to everyone who is afraid of sedation or feels like never being able to deal with procedures.

Awesome. Just awesome. Very well done. You have all reasons to be incredibly proud of you.


(Applauding bears just for you ;))
I have all 4 wisdom teeth that need to be removed. They are all impacted. Will i be under general anastesia? Please respond. Im so worried.
If you already got it done, I hope it went well. True it may be IV or local shots. I just had local anesthesia. I only had 3 taken out today but even local wasn't too bad. My lip and chin are still numb several hours later but apparently that can take up to 12 hrs.
Ok I don't normally take time to write reviews or comment on this type of stuff but this site truly helped me so i figured I would share my own experience and hopefully help someone. I am 34 yr old male. Needed to have 4 wisdom teeth out. Not impacted just cavities and decay. Once I had my consultation with the oral surgeon I was freaking out when we set the date to pull them 3 days later. I have always had a dental phobia but this by far took the cake. I had some bad anxiety and ended up having 2 panick attacks. I couldn't sleep,eat and was very irritable and depressed. I have never felt anything like this before if my life. I kept telling myself this was no big deal but I could not turn my mind off. This expereinec has made me truly
Feel bad for ppl who suffers with anxiety on a regular basis. I had the procedure done this morning with iv sedation. Let me tell you this was easy as can be. All my worrying and loss of sleep and not eating for nothing. Here's how my morning went
- woke up panicking about hour before appt. I asked for a Valium for before the appt and man that really took the edge of and helped me stay out of my head.- once we got there we paid and signed some paperwork. Then they took me back to my chair. I just asked them to please make sure that I would be numb and that I didn't want to be awake for any part of it.. Thy.put blood pressure cuff on and hooked a few up to my stomach. Then she said she was going to get the iv ready for the Dr. To come start the medicine. If your afraid of needles don't be. It's the size of a small paper clip. Didn't feel a thing. Once that was done I actually sat there for about 20 mins by meslef just relaxing. They put a heated blanket on me and I was nice and cozy and the Valium was still working. I almost fell asleep before they even came back in. Then the assistant who was very nice and very comforting telling me I won't remember anything or feel anything came back in and put two syringes of some medicine into the I've tube. She said I will start to relax even more than I was. That's all I remember. I didn't wake up , feel anything I don't even think I saw the surgeon. I woke up to the assistant saying my name. She said it's all over and was cleaning up the station. We chatted for about 10 mins while she was cleaning up. Then she put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me down to my wife's car and we were gone . Please take it from me if you are freaking out and panicking over having this done. Don't....everything will truly be ok and u will not remember anything. I know it's very hard to not worry when you have this day coming but a couple things I found helpful before the day of surgery.

1). Stay off the internet ! Google good wisdom teeth stories and find a story that makes u feel calmer and then take a snapshot of it. Go back and read the story and just say this is how it's going to go for me too. If u keep looking for stories u are going to find some very bad ones and freak out even more

2- go for a walk. I found by myself was better just no distractions..

3- Pray (talking to God really does help)

4) if you just can't calm down listen to some guided voice meditation videos online. Sounds stupid but if u do them they will help calm u down .

5) You aren't hungry at all but eat something. For three days I basically had a banana, cut up apple and ,2 pieces of toast and yogurt. Had to make myslef eat something.

Ask for Valium or zanax.

I have been out and home for 4 hours now. Took a small nap when I got home. Took some pain meds. Jaw is little sore but that's it. Change out gauze and looking forward to being able to eat solids stiff again. Loaded up on soup and just got a milk shake. I hope this helps some one. I wouldn't wish what I was feeling on anyone.
Well done, Hokelly and thank you very much for sharing! :jump: What a lovely reassuring success story and great advice about how to cope with anxiety. All the best wishes and recover soon:)
First off, I'd like to thank everyone on this forum from the bottom of my heart who offered me advice and words of comfort ever since I joined in July. You've inspired me to remain a member of this forum from now on and to help put others with dental issues at ease whenever I'm able to do so.

Ever since Wednesday, I had been obsessing about the procedure for seemingly every minute that I was awake. I also had some insomnia and had to take a .05 milligram Klonopin (which I have a prescription for due to being diagnosed with OCD and generalized anxiety disorder in 2006) one day which helped.

My appointment was today, October 26th, at noon. The previous night, I took two milligrams of Klonopin which gradually made me tired enough to fall asleep shortly before midnight. I still felt sleepy and relaxed when I woke up this morning which helped me start the day off calm. If you have a prescription for an anxiety drug I STRONGLY suggest taking one the night before any medical procedure that you are nervous about, but always check with your doctor first and only take these pills when you absolutely need them, because it's easy for some people to become addicted. I had also been taking an extra dose of lisinopril to better help keep my blood pressure down.

We arrived a bit early to the oral surgeons office so that I could feel comfortable with being there. I practiced deep breathing and meditation while in the waiting room and focused my attention on watching the news on TV. I almost felt like I was in a state of Zen when the nurse called me to come back into a small, pre-op type room.

She was very nice and conversed with me while prepping me for the procedure. She first had me rinse and spit some sort of antibacterial solution that tasted like Colgate mouthwash then sprayed a warm liquid on my arm before inserting the IV. She had to take my blood pressure about five times while the IV kicked in, but after that it finally lowered to a safe enough level. I asked if my mother could come visit with me, and the nurse thankfully said yes.

By the time Mom had met up with me I was already feeling the IV's "not giving a damn about anything" effect, and I smiled and told the nurse before she left the pre-op room that it felt like the IV was definitely working:)though I was still a tiny bit anxious for the procedure to begin.

Not long after, they walked me into the next room (which happened to be the one in which I had the anxiety attack during the first attempt last month to pull my tooth) and had me sit down in the dentist's chair. This surprised me, because a nurse I had talked to on the phone last month told me that I would be on a surgical table. Either way, it was no big deal at this point.

The anesthesiologist, a kind, middle-aged man, entered the room, covered me with a blanket, and placed a blood pressure cuff on my arm and a pulse monitor on my finger. By this point, I was still feeling relaxed, but one of the machines started beeping. "Dammit, what the hell could possibly be wrong NOW?!" I thought to myself, slightly irritated.

The oral surgeon entered, and the nurse said something to him, but the only word I could make out was "anxiety." I heard the anesthesiologist mumble something about Ativan, which is presumably what he inserted into my IV. Afterwards, I woke up. The procedure was literally over in the blink of an eye.

I was escorted out of the room by my mom and a nurse where I slumped down into a wheelchair, still a bit sleepy and wobbly. I told my mom that I wanted to keep the tooth and asked twice what was done with it:)but she didn't know.

The next thing I saw was the oral surgeon telling my mom that I did great but that my blood pressure was 160 when I fell asleep. He recommended that I get it "checked out" (apparently he's never before dealt with not even one anxious person). But, since developing a blood clot on my heart back in 2012 which was dissolved with medication after two weeks in a hospital, Ive taken medications to keep things running smoothly, swim most days at a local gym and always get a great report when I visit the cardiologist once a year:)

Shortly before arriving home I started feeling a bit nauseous, presumably from the anesthesia, so I took a Phenergan and slept off the effects of the anesthesia all day. Right now, I'm feeling superb, and I was even able to remove the gauze (the hole hasnt bled much at all, probably because it was so easy to pull due to being severely decayed). The numbness in my face is almost completely gone, and Ive only had very minor soreness.

My parents have been taking such good care of me, bringing me chocolate frosties from Wendy's restaurant and making me scrambled eggs:respect:

If I can make it through this, then officially ANYONE can. Just make sure you have a good support system. I am SO GLAD the procedure is over but could do it a million times over with no problem:cheers:
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This is great to hear everything went so well even with the high blood pressure you mastered this.. Seems like you got very well taken care of the whole day!! :) hope you continue to heal in the same wonderful way! :jump::jump:
Good report at my follow up appointment

Today I went for the follow up appointment after having my wisdom tooth removed on October 26, and the oral surgeon said everything looked great?I am so glad this burden is officially over!

I had originally been scheduled to have the tooth removed on September 24, but it was called off after I had a panic attack which landed me in the emergency room later that day where I was given an IV to bring down my blood pressure which was around 180. Here is the whole story: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/f...ressure-long-story-please-bear-with-me.25599/

The oral surgeon asked me at the appointment today how my blood pressure has been, and I said pretty good. He replied, "I ought to take it just for the heck of it" or something like that, but I think he was just joking. He told my mother right after the extraction that he had never before seen someone with such high blood pressure even during a panic attack (apparently he doesn't get out much:)). But my cardiologist and his nurse have since reassured me that they have seen patients with even higher readings and that there's nothing to worry about as long as my blood pressure doesn't constantly remain that high, which it doesn't, so I don't know why the oral surgeon has been so damn obsessed with this issue. I swim for an hour everyday at the local gym, so I am proactive about my overall health and will always continue to be.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest and thank every person on this forum who has helped me during this entire four-month-long wisdom tooth ordeal. :XXLhug: I will still check in with this forum every once in a while, offering support to others who need it like I once did:)
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So glad to hear this!! :) :)... :jump::jump:
This is amazing to read. Thank you for sharing a success story, it will serve many others :)
Wisdom tooth with IV sedation success story

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that about 24 hours ago I got my lower 2 impacted wisdom teeth taken out. I was putting this off for over a year due my anxiety of The IV sedation. I have to say I was terrified leading up to it but I got in the chair and they hooked me up to a machine to monitor my vitals and my heart was racing like crazy. My oral surgeon said he was going to find the vein in my arm and put the needle in ( he never said he was putting the medicine in yet) all of a sudden I felt very slightly dizzy and I was unconscious. What felt like one minute later I was awake and fully aware or everything going on, I was even relaxed. This was by far easier than a fill in to me.
Great to hear it went so quick and easy for you! Wishing you speedy healing ! :)
I have benefited a lot from this forum, so I'd like to share my story:

I'm a 35 year old man. When I was 22, 28, and 33, I had consultations for a wisdom tooth extraction, and each time, I put it aside, thinking the teeth were not causing any real pain, when in fact I was just scared of the procedure. More recently, my dentist showed me on an x-ray that my partially impacted lower wisdom tooth was at such an angle a cavity was forming on an adjacent tooth. So with a deep breath I made another consultation with an oral surgeon and made the appointment for all four wisdom teeth to be extracted.

To say I was nervous would be the understatement of the year. Reading success stories from this forum was incredibly helpful as I prepared. On the day of the appointment, I got there early, the nurse walked me into the room, and they took my blood pressure and heart rate, both of which were unsurprisingly high. She put a tube up my nose to begin the nitrous oxide; I didn't think it was working, but then the oral surgeon came in and I told him that he looked like a great dancer as I launched into a political stump speech about infrastructure. So I guess it was working! The nurse placed the IV, which was just a tiny pinch, and I was out. I do remember hearing what sounded like bones crunching at some point, but I wasn't disturbed by it. I don't remember the needles to numb me up, or really anything from the procedure. Being under conscious sedation is truly bizarre: it's like you don't exist in time. The whole thing lasted probably 30 minutes. The nurse walked me out to a recovery room where my partner was waiting, we received instructions, and went home.

I am very anti-medication, and I told the oral surgeon this. He wrote me a prescription for 800 mg of ibuprofen, which I didn't fill. He said I could take a mix of over the counter iburprofen and acetaminophen every six hours. I did this when I got home, and before I went to bed that night. The next day, I took half the dose before bed. Now it's day 3 and I don't feel the need to take it. Some tips:

-A nourishing thing to eat is mashed avocado with soy milk and honey, as well as mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with bone broth, and a variety of soups. I could probably eat more solid food by this point (Day 3).
-On Day 2 I experienced a mild fever - not uncommon
-For three nights, you need to sleep with your head propped up
-For the most part, avoid physical activity for the first week, and don't stress your mouth by talking too much
-I drink coffee and wine every day, but I've had to put that on hold. To be safe, I'd say one week. Not having coffee in the morning is seriously one of the hardest part of healing.
-Stiffness of the jaw persists, but I'm told that' normal. Hopefully the rest of the recovery goes smoothly.

To those in their early 20s reading this: if your dentist says get your wisdom teeth out, get them out. Modern dentistry is far more humane than your nightmares. I would not call this process a walk in the park, but it wasn't as bad as I feared.
This is an awesome testimony!! Glad to hear it went so well and wishing a smooth speedy recovery!!
Hey everyone, I'm writing this to make people feel better whilst reading about their worries.

I was there until this morning. I got a filling about a month ago for a cracked tooth. Dentist told me he's not sure how 100% it can be as how it was broken. After a week i started getting some pain again which turned into pain coming from my upper jaw to my lower jaw /front of my mouth. Thats when i noticed my uppser wisdom tooth was broken. I really didn't know SMH.

So i was still confused about the pain on which tooth was giving me the pain. So i grew some balls and decided i needed to get the wisdom out because gumline broken with just a 1/4 remaining. I booked my appointment for the 7/5/19 12:30pm. I stayed looking up all sorts of videos of extraction of a broken wisdom. Some made me feel better some didnt.

I have a fear with choking on water or having multiple things in my mouth at one time sooo i was panicking whole morning. As well i live in the Caribbean and i wasn't sure if he will use the method that im guessing Americans or Indians use (from watching at different videos they were from those countries).
My time came i walked in at 12:20 pm went straight in i explained my problem, did the xray, he explained he can try without the cutting of the gums(i was so happy) i did local anesthesia, i was numb in a matter of 3 secs with 3 sticks and he applied some pressure and it was out in literally 10secs of him applying the pressure to get it out. When he told me its out i was shooked !!! I had to ask again what he said. My brother was waiting for me and was shocked as well with the fastness of the procedure.
I would say i was in there for 10 minutes tops.
After i couldnt believe i stressed about this for daysss for absolutely nothing.