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Abcess Tooth #30 Extraction and Bone Graft - Anxiety Nervousness

Hi MountainMama,

Hope you are doing well! Attached is a photo for reference. The post is open on top but few mm below gum line. Hope it grows over soon to protect from bacteria. Dentist says to come back in 4 months and they will open gum up for abutment and final restoration then.

I know its been a while. Are all of your pending implants done? If so, I am soo jealous. This whole journey started last June.
I know all dentists and surgeons have their own techniques. Your dentist knows more than I do. Lol. I hope it grows over quickly. I always hated having those holes from extractions to worry over. At least the implant is done!

Yes, mine are all done now, thankfully! I am able to eat fairly normally again. I still have to watch it due to the atypical facial pain…crunchy stuff triggers it.

Yours will be done before you know it. It is such a huge relief when the crown is in and it is all over.
Aftermath: I went in and was numbed up w about 6 shots give or take. 1st crown comes off. Then, tooth came out in one piece after few mins of hard pulling and synthetic bone graft material stuffed in after. Could not feel anything even stitches. Still numb. Was a lot easier and quicker than root canal. I am now prescribed antibiotics. Using guage first 1.25 hrs to stop blood and now icing cheek. Thanks for everyones support!
This makes what I will need to get done sound less terrifying. So you were awake? How long did it take?
Hi 39male

Your post caught my eye because I too am having tooth #30 removed. You had yours removed quite a while ago. I hope all is healed up and finished by now. Thank you for recounting your trials and tribulations. Like mariyam, I am curious about whether you were awake and how long it took. I am also contemplating whether to get an implant. Do you feel your results were worth your various treatments?
Did you hav the implant any update