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Afraid to open mouth and be examined

I did it. I went. I was ok until I walked inside. They were super friendly. I let dentist look in mouth. I go back tomorrow to see if I’m a candidate for sedation. Then will schedule exam, X-rays. I pray I can afford it. I have had credit but can make payments so I hope they can work with me. I feel so relieved. But am scared for exam and X-rays making loose teeth fall out.
Congratulations, well done ?!! Great to hear that they were super friendly, and that you even managed to let the dentist have a look! There is no way your teeth will fall out during an exam or x-rays (they'd be just as likely to fall out while eating or drinking).

Best of luck for today ?!!
Yes he told me he is pretty certain they won’t. My big fear now is the cost. I hope it can pay for it. Im excited about having my confidence back.
thank you everyone for your support.
I have an appointment for two weeks from tomorrow for X-ray, exam and cleaning with oral sedation. He knows I’m afraid my teeth will fall out. I hope they don’t. I also hope the sedation helps me not care or worry about it. The teeth are on the bottom lower. Middle row slight wiggle.
I have bad perio issues on top and bottom but bottom is worse.
I'm sure that if your dentist is pretty certain they won’t come out, they won't come out!

Wishing you all the best for your appointment ?