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Help please. Filling on Thursday and I'm panicking

Well done cribgoch! :jump:

Let us know how you get on tomorrow!

…and as sevena said, don't worry about what they will think if you do have a panic attack, it helps them to see what your needs are, and they will have seen it all before. I'm sure they'll handle it better than the last one.

Hope it goes well for you ;D
Well, that was a totally different experience! Lovely staff, fab dentist and loved the camera that showed me exactly what's going on with my wisdom teeth. I'm going back next week for a full clean and an some - rays (dentist is breaking me in gently) then we can discuss a plan of action for sorting out my wisdom teeth.

Thanks for your support and encouragement :)
Yay, I'm so glad it went well! They sound like a good dentist, and I'm glad they're going to do treatment at a slow pace so that you can hopefully adjust.

Finding the right practice makes a whole load of difference, doesn't it! :)
Yes, definitely finding the right dentist is key. The whole experience is completely different when I'm relaxed enough to process the relevant information and engage with the dentist, where no question seemed too silly to ask. I can think of 6 different dentists that I've seen who have identified the problem with my wisdom teeth but this is the only one who seems to want to actually treat me rather than refer me to hospital. I'm hoping that if I can get to know him and trust him that having my wisdom teeth out won't be too traumatic.
That's great news cribgoch, so glad to hear you've found a good 'un this time! Sounds like a keeper ;D

I think things will be easier for you from here, a supportive dentist makes such a difference.