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help really anxious

Re: dental phobia

hi well i made it to the dentist today. its been 4 years but this new dentist seem to be very good. and made me feel abit more comfortable. my teeth are in a really bad way. after 3 babys and almost no brushing. but i went in and sat in the chair. shaken and really scared but i did it. they had a good look about and have decided to reffer me to the dental hospital. to be put to sleep because i need 7 at the bottom back and 6 on the top out. so am abit terrifed but they say am getting implants fitted. witch looks and sounds really good. and i want to have it all done. but im totaly terrified the healling time. the things they need to do. etc.:( any advise or what i should expect would be very greatful plz so very nervous and worried :cry:
hi and welcome
my name is Ronny and i had the same as you almost.
i had 12 extractions along the top and had a temporary denture put in straight away.
i won't lie to you, it is not the best thing ever, but if you work towards implants it will be the best thing you ever did.
the healing time for me is about 7 months from the day of extractions to the day of implants and i am not there yet. all in all in the UK it will take you about 12 months from start to finish. the girls in the US sometimes are on a different timescale i have noticed (lucky them) but it will take you about a year.
you will get no pain whatsoever!!! i am the biggest baby in the world when it comes to teeth, and my journey has been completley painless,
you might lose some weight when you have your teeth out:oops:
regarding looking after the children.. how old are they? recovery time is ok, a day or so and you will be back on the school run! i was, and i am a wimp, i promise. how old are your children?
let us know your extraction date
we will be here to keep you going, i am in the west midlands UK, ask me anything you like.
Re: dental phobia

hi ronny am shalena and thanks your post has made me feel alittle easyer my childreen are 7, 6 and 3 i will have there my cousin and there dad staying with me for the week to help am just so worried i didnt understand a thing he said about temp things or anything after he did the exam and said what was to happen a just wanted to get out am ok with pain a suppose i had 2 off my kids with no pain relief so this should be easy my dad told me the pain after is not as bad as toothace or absesses and i am getting put to sleep i think am just full of mixed emotions about the hole thing really but thanks your kind words and honesty have helped :grouphug:
Re: dental phobia

Hi Shalena(?).....Well done getting yourself to the dentist and sorting the work that needs to be done.
I've just had all of my remaining top teeth extracted and an immediate denture fitted.Like you one of my worries was how I'd cope being Mum.
I had in my head that I'd be curled up in agony with a face resembling a football(at the best!)OH said he'd take a couple of days off work,but as he doesn't get paid when he's off I arranged for my neighbour to take the kiddies to school.
Turned out there was no need...had the treatment on Saturday and by the Monday,although not 100% comfortable or confident,I was fine to take them to school.....even had a mum compliment me on my veneers!;)
Of course,if you search long enough...as I did:redface:...you'll find one or two horror stories,but I think for the majority,having one tooth out isn't a heck of a lot different to having lots out.Somebody pointed out to me that on the whole,people who'll post questions that you find on Google are usually those that have a problem.If you get home and all is fine,you have no need.
For the first 48 hours,although I wasn't in major pain,I took Ibuprofen and paracetamol regularly and can honestly say I didn't have any major pain at all...compared to some of the toothaches I've had in the past,this has been a walk in the park.

I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.
I'll ditto what Drummerswife said and suggest you stock up on some soft foods.Soup has been my Godsend,but also I just realised yesterday that all my sensitive teeth have gone so have been treating myself to lots of yummy desserts from the chill cabinet!

All the best with it and try not to get yourself worked up with worry...I bet it won't be even a tenth as bad as you're imagining! xxx
Re: dental phobia

thank you all so very muck i will be poping back and forth before , when and after the time comes you are all very supportive im still worried but not as bad as i was i just cant wait till its over and i can enjoy my life :)
finally got my app thro???

well am back again after a long wait i got my letter in the post for the dental hospital to see the surgeon on the 12th of march thats only 2 weeks away:hidesbehindsofa: not long they've been quiker than i thought :(:cry::cry:

but had my app at the e.n.t witch didnt go well at all they found a blood clot at the back of my nose and of course they just had to remove it :o:o:cry:

had quiet a few probs now and lots of test i am starting to thing they dont just think its my teeth causing it all now :confused::confused: but we will see :censored:

feel so worried about it now am thinking about it why am a feeling like this iv had 3 kids and 2 with no pain relife omg am 27 why cant i be brave and do this

so hard to imagine my self with faels teeth but such a scary thought to think of myself with teeth that come out i dont actualy want teeth that i can take out

the sound of that freaks me out really panicky over this now i think its moving to quikly aswell only seen the dentist on the 9th of jan then av got the dental surgoin on the 12th of march

and i have no idea what to expect and it all sound so long a journey and lots of pain so worried and confused with myself
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still have such a nagging feeling there about it all 2 weeks and its all going to start the surgey and the treatment the new teeth i dont know what to feel am trying to avoid thinking about it to much because i just get panicky over it all so stressed and frustrated aww good
i dont belive this after everything they send me a letter this morning saying they've cancelled my appointment for the 12th march to the 31st march now i have to wait longer thats ages away am so angry i had got myself all organised and now :mad:
Sorry to hear that. Why don't you pick up the phone and ask whether this appointment is just a consultation or whether it is for the treatment to start?