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Infected tooth extraction petrified about sinus perforation

I am so glad it is done and you made it through! I hope it heals quickly!
Thanks all for your kind words.

So after a couple of hours it seemed pretty evident that there was no more bleeding for the previous hour so I removed the gauze. My throat was not pretty! Lots of blood everywhere, ranging from red to dark red to black almost at the very back walls of my throat, gradually I've either dribbled it all out as it's mixed with Saliva or gently pushed it. The odd small bit of bleeding but nothing much occasionally over the next few hours.

Woke up this morning, with a fair bit of pain and swelling, but ibuprofen easily is dealing with it. Had a drink of water (on opposite side)) which also loosened up all the dried blood which I was able to dribble out then and now my mouth is 99% free of blood and no bleeding at all. Seems to be a clot there, not sure it covers the whole socket but there is something there very dark red nonetheless.

@krlovesherkids777 - due to go back to dentist next Monday for a review, he wanted to schedule a follow up just to check everything is healing okay and double check on x-ray for any retained root fragments.
Hope the pain keeps getting better and you can take it easy a bit .
Tuesday wasn't too nice, Wednesday was a little bit better and Thursday was quite a bit better.

Saying that I noticed looking at the socket this morning it's started to go red a bit with an infection it seems Not really any pain but very noticeable around the clot that there are bits of redness that seem to look a little inflamed. I was a little bit reluctant to rinse with salt and water too hard on the extraction site, being ultra cautious to avoid dry socket and maybe that's why.

Something worth calling dentist about today or it's okay for waiting for the booked review early on Monday morning?
Redness is just a sign that the socket is healing. Your body is pouring in extra resources to get the hole fixed up.
Sockets don't really get "infected" except under very rare circumstances. You won't get a dry socket this long after an extraction, but salt water rinses are not really useful at this stage either.